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    Vintage Rainbow Fins

    I have 8 vintage rainbow fins in different sizes and colors. Considering selling them. I’ve been checking pricing on eBay but rather not deal with all the nonsense that comes with eBay purchases. If you’re interested please let me know and I can provide pics. Cheers!
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    Looking for O’Fish’L Side Bites or Side Fins

    Hello, I’m looking for a set of O’Fish’L side bites or fins to play with and switch things up in a board I have. If you have a set or sets please let me know. Thank you.
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    Rich Toby Pavel

    Not wanting to start drama, but wanted to get some of your experiences dealing with Pavel. I’ve been thinking of getting one of his boards, as San Diego legend that makes amazing boards, but I’ve heard some rumors that don’t seem cool. For me the boards and shapers who make the boards I own are...
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    Looking for a Twin Fin McCoy

    Hello, looking for a Twin Fin McCoy. 5’8 to 6’4 range like to see if I can get one used before ordering one. Thank you