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    1970s Infinity Gun Boehne Shaped 10'1...$1400 Sold

    Awesome mid 1970s gun shaped by Steve Boehne. Board belonged to Hawaiian pro Buddy Boy Kaohi. I talked to Steve and sent him pics of the board. He messaged me back and said that he remembers shaping the board because the stringers way out on the rails were super hard to do. He said that he...
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    WTT: 1970s Aipa Sting Slingerland 6'10 SOLD

    1970s Aipa Sting shaped by Mike Slingerland. Looking for a great color 80s T&C, WB Hot Stuff, Blue Hawaii, McCoy Zap, Stussy, HIC, etc.. I am also open to a cash offer..I am in the Sacramento area..Text me at 916 768 1880
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    Greg Noll Torrance Beach Custom 1968 Transition..$650/trade

    Offered is a 1968 Greg Noll TB Custom. These were shaped from 1968 to 69 TB Custom is for Nolls Torrance Beach Surf Team Board measures in at 7'8. Board was sanded through original coat to smooth out any rough areas. This was not done by me Rare board would make a good filler for a Noll...
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    Mike Diffenderfer Costa Rica Longboard $250

    Posting my Diffenderfer shaped by Mike while in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Diffs are really hard to find. I had it saved for a friend but I havent heard from him and when I say I am coming his way he doesnt seem to want to be around, so I guess that speaks highly of myself Ha. I had another...
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    Greg Noll TB (Torrance Beach) Custom 1968 Transition $750

    Rare Greg Noll TB Custom transition era board. These were shaped for Nolls Team Torrance Beach from 1968-69. Board is ready for a new spray or leave it the way it is This board came from the collection of Mike Jipp. I traded some boards to Mike for it He said in his 25 years of hunting Nolls he...
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    1965-66 G&S 10'6 Shaper marked 4 dots $625

    SOLD!!Got a 10'6 1965 or 1966 Gordon & Smith with 4 dots under the serial number. I dont know who the shaper is but its worth further research. Board has some areas that need to be addressed but overall is a great board. Board is approx 16 at the nose and 23 at its widest. I am in the Sacramento...
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    Vintage 80s Thrasher Magazine Lot and Deck $450

    31 80s Thrashers and 15 early 90s thrown in. The 3 1982 issues are the most valuable. Also included is an old deck..I am in the Sacramento area. You can send me a text message at nine one six, seven six eight, one eight eight zero
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    Ben Aipa 7'0 $550

    Shaped in 96 7'0 Aipa signed. Fat round nose, with art done by Bens daughter. Pretty clean, with no open dings. Board is ready for the water. I am in the Sacramento area. You can send me a text at Nine One Six, Seven Six Eight, One Eight Eight Zero. I am not always at my computer but i have my...
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    Kelly Slater Tomo Board Taken Down

    Tomo Taken Down. I sent a message to Tomo to get verification and once I hear back from them with a thumbs up I will repost it
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    Surfboard Transport Northern Cal to Southern Cal

    So sometime this coming Saturday I am picking up a board in San Diego I live in Sacramento and I can transport a board for someone up here down there I can deliver to a customer for you. Board should be 9 ft or under and bubble wrapped or put in a bag. Just charging for the cost of fuel. Hit me...
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    Buttons Kaluhiokalani personal surfboard 7'6" SOLD

    This board was shaped for Buttons by Orange County Cal shaper Don Bigelow. Don was good friends with Buttons. Buttons boards are hard to come by as most of his boards are held by the family. Board has some repairs but very minor. Open to trades for a vintage board. I am in the Sacramento area...
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    Ride The Wild Surf 1964 3 Sheet Poster

    Very large almost 7ft tall original 1964 poster. I got this in a trade deal. The poster is behind a frame but it's not mounted to anything to keep it's integrity. If you want the poster without frame I am asking 400 and with frame 700. I am in the Sacramento area
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    1976 Doug Haut 7'7 Really Sweet $350

    This is a beautiful 1976 or 77 Doug Haut. There is a sizeable ding that needs repair on the bottom of the deck. I am in the Sacramento area my number is 916 768 1880. Feel free to send me a text
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    Willis Bros. 1992 Phazer 7'8 $325

    Board was shaped in Hawaii in 1992. Nice colors with some old repairs. Overall a good board. I am in the Sacramento area. My number is 916 768-1880. Feel free to send me a text.
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    Barton Lynch World Champion Personal JC Hawaiian Gun 1992

    Board is from Barton's Hawaiian quiver. Board was shaped by John Carper and is a real nice board. I am wanting to do a trade board for a board. I am open to trades 1960s to 1980s, even an early 90s board if it is the right one. My number is 916 768 1880, send me a text. I am in the Sacramento area
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    1966 67 G&S 9'4 SOLD

    Have an vintage G&S approx. 9'4. Has had some old repairs. You could surf it now there are no open dings. But probably just a good wall hanger. 450. If you have any questions please text me at 916 768 1880
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    Diffenderfer Costa Rica Single Fin

    Board I was saving for a friend but have not heard anything from him. Board is approx. 8'5 maybe a bit longer. Signed by Mike but needs repair. The fin box is broke, there is staining and old abrasions that sunned out so it created really weird lines. It's a great display board with a fat Diff...

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