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  1. Bryce

    60’s Hansen FS/FT

    I'd be into seeing some pictures of it. I'll message you with my email. Thanks
  2. Bryce

    Good wave board for SD

    I love the 7'6" Gary Hannel Quad egg. My dad loves it too so I don't get to ride it often! It has the perfect amount of drive and hold. Big clean faces are a dream on that board.
  3. Bryce

    Ordering a Board from Kirk Putnam (Liddle)

    Good point, with the boom going on, paying the guys a little more to get your boards done and get the white glove treatment isn't a bad idea
  4. Bryce

    Paul Gross on 4a’s ([email protected])

    Also, that was also 18 years ago? The stock Greenough fins are crap, they made in China out of cheap fiberglass panels and aren't even foiled. The volan fins were the only foiled fins TA made traditionally.
  5. Bryce

    Ordering a Board from Kirk Putnam (Liddle)

    Michael is right, Marc only raised his prices because he wanted to stay loyal to the Santa Cruz glass shop. The glass shop raised their glassing prices and Marc could have started using a different shop, but chose to stick with them and raise his board prices. Marc isn't making any more money...
  6. Bryce

    Ordering a Board from Kirk Putnam (Liddle)

    I have some insight into part of this. I went down to Aquatech to meet Marc and pick up a custom board last April maybe? This was when Scott was first sick in the beginning of COVID. Marc had come down to deliver boards to SoCal and help Scott and Kirk out by shaping some Liddle Designs. He was...
  7. Bryce

    Ordering a Board from Kirk Putnam (Liddle)

    I also heard Pat Ryan's name is in the mix for future shapers of the Liddle Designs
  8. Bryce

    Looks like Gerry Lopez sold out

    Has anyone else noticed the high number of sellers on CL and Offerup who have brand-new, in the wrapping, Gerry Lopez Wavestorms? Are there that many people out there who are looking to make a buck off of these Wavestorm models?
  9. Bryce

    Looking for 11’ Bag

    I can make you a custom canvas bag, any size
  10. Bryce

    WTB - Deets UDT fins

    Greg is one of the most interesting and humble people I know.
  11. Bryce

    Deepest Reaches MEGAfish

    Beautiful colors on this one
  12. Bryce

    WTB - Deets UDT fins

    The man himself said check the site below March/April for the newest batch of UDTs
  13. Bryce

    Ordering a Board from Kirk Putnam (Liddle)

    Kirk has most all of Greg's old templates and was working with Scott Anderson to make the Liddle Designs boards. Not sure who will cut and finish the Liddle Designs now. DanSan is right, Spence can make a great hull if you tell him exactly what you want. Tim Bowler was one of the original...
  14. Bryce

    SOLD: Christenson Cafe’ Racer 5’6”

    I would have said $400 for that board a few months ago and if it were in San Diego would be fair. No idea post COVID boom on prices these days. They're all over the place and who knows what are deals anymore. Not sure about East Coast prices on a Christenson either. I find that only a select...
  15. Bryce

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Nice boards Arman, been seeing some good ones from you
  16. Bryce

    Vintage Rainbow Fins

    I would like to buy the smaller blue and white fin
  17. Bryce

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Who is the seller? I see a lot of boards coming from this guy in "East Irvine", which I wonder if is a proxy for Rancho Cucamonga @kclibman
  18. Bryce

    The Rules... when and from where did they appear?

    Great post Dave, thank you
  19. Bryce

    Costco Andreini Vaquero foamie? worth it?

    I hear Kirk Putnam is making Liddle-storms now, via Costco aka Priceclub aka Kirkland