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    WTF is going on

    I used to go to the Longboards For sale section here and got excited and happy to see what people are selling. Nowadays is like reading the wish list of the salvation army WTS WTT WTB WTF ...... fuck all those wants to!!! it became a shit show of people wishing shit and writing it there why...
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    Rincon-PR / Navidad?

    Anyone will be around X-mas and new years eve? Hit me up. Feliz Navidad otherwise!!
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    Puerto Rico update ?

    Anyone know first hand if there’s any restrictions ? I wanna spend Christmas there
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    Bing pintail 9’10’’ $400

    Hi there Selling a Bing pintail. 9 10 x 23 x 3x’. California pintail model Two nasty repairs on rails. No fin. Some stress fractures under the nose Dark red color. will send pics on request. Board located in Narraganset .
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    East coast train last minute offer

    Hey folks I’m driving to South Carolina and North Carolina on 95 last minute decision. I got to be quick because I have to be back on Sunday so if you have any boards coming up north and you can be waiting for me on the highway with the board in your hands I Don’t mind bringing it up north but I...
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    How many liters?.....WTF

    I’ve seen more and more lately people asking for how many liters the board have ? WTF? I was even selling a pvc Bic And the look asked me, how many liters? Well , 2 proseccos last night , so... 1.5 liters I guess He couldn’t even paddle a foamie , but he has to ask that shit Amd then that...
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    BIG ASS Thank you to NCjohn

    I don't have enough words to thank John, who was recently bothered by me, twice. He nicely went and check two huge boards for me, and got them, and stored them.And dealt with the transaction. All in COVID times. For people like him, and many others, is why I love this forum. Thank you John...
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    New scammers welcome to the forum.Please screw us.

    WTF is going on? Tons of new members, unknown to everyone. Some of them scammers. Some not. And WTF are we doing about it? Jack shit. This is a recurrent issue and looks like no one cares. Some of the members here exercise internet muscles trying to show off in front of the computer, or others...
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    Board hold on surf city , NC

    Anyone out there that can hold a big-ass board for me until I make it to NC? You can even leave it outside covered by a tiro, I don’t mind. But before I pull the trigger I need to know if someone can help me keep it. They guy is moving far away in August , so we have some time, but the sooner ...
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    Gun in NE for sale , $500

    Selling this board that belongs to the other coast Why the f did I get this ? Anyway Is in almost perfect condition Some pressure points on the deck and that’s it $500? Is that a fair price ?
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    Urgent last minute Gathering

    sorry to be a last minute warning But I am joining Stan and we are going this morning to surf at Deal, NJ Surf is pumping Nice day Not much wind, and in 30 minutes I am done at the hospital. I need my water time to clear my mind and heart. Please feel free to join us. And bring some beers...
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    NYC, the reality

    Hi Guys Is been a terrible week. I arrived last week to give an extra hand to these guys. And is being a hell of a week. I think I landed at the peak of the death, like 1000 to 1200 per day in NY state. It was horrendous. I am working in a Manhattan Hospital, and despite this guys were...
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    WANT TO BUY. teen winter wetsuits

    Hi there I need two winter suits for my little ones well, little Son is 12 , but I have no clue what size he wears, since he never had a winter suit and only surfs in summer. My guess he will fit a 14 or even a small adult Second one for my daughter she wears a size 6 women I don't need...
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    5 years ago. reunion in Northeast

    come on guys, it must happen again. There's tons of cool people willing to go.
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    Amigos in San Diego

    How lucky I am !! On top of spending a great time with Erik , I get down PB point stairs and meet Johnny who was trying his new glider . Small world. I am so thankful to be surrounded by this two awesome guys , great surfers , and knowledgeable SOB. San Diego kicks asses . Erik , you are crack...
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    JP pig , 10 ft $850

    Board in impecable condition I rode it twice in years For full price you can keep that awesome fin made by our friend
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    WTB pope bisect

    hi there anyone there selling a pope bisect longboard? I remember seeing one recently , but cannot find it thanks again Sebastian
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    Before someone falls for it again. The new member Lancerk, will screw you He contacted me regarding my need for a fat log for a friend, etc and one of his friends has a board for sale, blah, blah, blah Everything looked legit, but now that I lost my money and rewind every piece of conversation...
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    Before someone falls for it again. The new member Lancerk, will screw you He contacted me regarding my need for a fat log for a friend, etc and one of his friends has a board for sale, blah, blah, blah I know, I am an idiot. A gold medal for an imbecile who trust people. But I trully believed...
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    What’s going on with Birdwell shorts?

    i remember couple years ago someone posted a link to get the cheap Couldn’t pick up the color Just size Is that happening again ? I saw they are on clearance , but cheapest one is $39