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  1. lacaleb

    FS 7’0 Aqua Phurba Heavy Devil & 7’3 Barry V single fin

    Yo yo! I’ve posted the Aqua Phurba up for trade but just bought a new board and need to move some things around. 7’0 Aqua Phurba Heavy Devil. Stringerless, Tow-in foam and no leash plug, it’s heavy and fun. I picked it up from a jammer who picked it up from Greek.fc. This is a unique one and...
  2. lacaleb

    WTT: 7'0 Aqua Phurba Heavy Devil

    Hey all, I picked this up from a jammer last year. I dig it, so not really looking to sell, but have a few boards in this size and a gap from 7'5 -8'9 that I am hoping to fill. Specifically hoping to find a longer hull 7'8-8'4ish. It's stringerless and made with tow-in weight foam, which is...
  3. lacaleb

    Surf + Family Vehicle

    Hey folks, I know there was a similar “what are you driving” post a while back; but I have a more specific question. I had a kid a few months ago, and it’s getting time to trade my beloved ‘95 4runner for something a little more reliable/family friendly for long drives back home etc. For...
  4. lacaleb

    WTB : Gato Heroi Playboy/Playdate

    Yo! I know it’s a long shot, anyone have a playboy/playdate they aren’t surfing? I was supposed to pick one up a few days ago (sold my TW the same day) and then the dude had to bail because his brother decided he wanted it! (Totally fair). Anyway, I don’t have my TW and I had my heart set on...
  5. lacaleb

    WTB hull

    Hey folks, I am looking for a gently / heavy used hull, anywhere in the 6’10-7’8 ish range if anyone has something they aren’t riding much anymore and want it to go to a good home! I don’t care too much about looks so don’t mind if it’s pretty beat up. I currently have a 7’5 vaquero which is...