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    WTB True Ames california classic 9”

    Looking for a california classic to fit my 8’3 boarddesign Indy mini noserider. If you got one and could post it to the netherlands feel free to send me a message. Cheers, Northseacruiser
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    Smaller Zeph Indy

    Looking for some feedback about a smaller Zeph Indy…. I always wanted a smaller longboard that would fit easier in the car/plane, still gives me the longboardfeelinf, will catch waves easily and still gives me a chance to mak a hang five. I might have a chance to buy a 8’3 Zeph Indy (no pics...
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    Wtb takayama finger fin 7”

    Anyone got one for sale? Would be for my 6‘0 takayama scorpion!
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    Takayama sidebites wanted

    Anyone got a (spare)set of side bites they are not using anymore and wanna post to Holland (ofcourse costs of shipping are mine!) Would like to put them on my takayama scorpion but can’t find a set except new ones Cheers
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    Fin question for smaller Takayama Scorpion

    Hi Jammers, I got my hands on a 6’0 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8 Takayama scorpion (PU) and really looking forward to give it a go. Unfortunately it has a plastic centrefin and a cheap fcs-1 quad setup. To make the board work best i wanna put some decent fins on it but i can’t find much on internet beside...
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    Fin size question

    I recently bought a 7’6 Bing Raven. The fin it came with was an 8.25 Andreini Flex fin. To get the best fin for it i asked advice from Bing surfboards. They replied quickly and said to go for a 7.5 Greenough 4a or a 8 “ if i thought if it was too small for my weight. My question is if the fin...
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    LTB 7.5 Greenough 4a

    Looking for a used 7.5” Greenough 4a for my Bing Raven Don’t care much about colour and material. Small thing is I live in the netherlands. Have had fins from all over the world before and some cardbord and ducktape around it and put it in a big envelop is sufficient. Hope someone here can...
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    Bing Raven questions

    Some help and info about the Bing Raven would be very much appreciated. I can get my hands on a 7’6 Bing Raven. It would fill the gap between a 6’2 Bing twin fin and my 9’2 Trimulux. It would also be my travelboard if i can only take one board with me. I did some searching on the net but there...
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    Dewey Weber Ski

    Anyone ridden a weber ski? There is a nice 7’11 second hand one for sale here in holland. Anyone ridden one? How do they go as an allround midlength? How to size them? It’s the new model, not a vintage one. Those boards are rare as hence teeth here and i can’t find much on internet beside it...
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    Fin for a 9’2 Trimulux question

    Ok, got me a 9’2 Bing Trimulux and as always the weather turns bad once you have a new stick... For holland it means it’s flat for ages or in this case...snowstorm, freezing temperatures and to dangerous to get on the no surfing on the trimulux yet.... Drooling on the internet i was...
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    Silverspoon vs Trimulux

    After some info about the Bing Trimulux and how this model compares to the Silverspoon. I have a 9’6 Bing Silverspoon which i love in small walled up waves. Unfortunately in holland such conditions are rare. Occasionally i take the board on trips to France but only when i stay on short walking...