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    FS 7’0 Bag

    Like new little dirt from the garage floor. My boards don’t fit so hasn’t been used except to decorate the garage. $50 or trade for 10’0 bag. It’s 7’0 made for shortboards. Probably wouldn’t fit a fish or anything with a wider nose or over 22” width
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    Worth it? Deck patch edition.

    They always look nice. But are they with the cost and extra weight? And if there’s a deck patch, does that mean it’s laid on top of the typical two deck layers of glass? So a third layer?? If it is worth it, does anyone go with s-glass only for the deck patch? So many questions but I can...
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    Hobie Phil Edwards - Davenport ISO resin for sale

    Been chasing a couple boards for a while now. Looking for either a Christenson Chris Craft or Tyler Super Chief ~11’ give or take, or big board along those lines. Will regret letting this one go but got some overlap(ish) plus curiosity for these other fine surf craft and throwing it there...
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    Lost board found SB/Ventura just saw this and passing the word along as per the golden rule.
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    Free wetsuit jacket XL

    Very well use, about 6 years old but still holding on. Up for grabs. Come grab it in HB or I can ship it.
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    WTB 7-10" Fin with <5" base

    Just picked up an old prone with a small finbox and did not come with a fin so looking for a budget option. Thermo, glass, don't care. FCS 2 or bearing fin would be nice and easy, but I think a standard plate and screw could fit in there as well. Thanks!
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    EPS Noseriders

    Anyone riding a traditional shape noserider in EPS / epoxy construction? Not talking CJ Nelson or Thunderbolt. Would love too hear about it if anyone is so bold.
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    Looking for an old beat-up padded board bag any size

    Helping to clear out your garage for spring. Looking for the cheapest option only to deconstruct. Nothing in particular just as long as it has foam padding. Can buy or offer an older XL wetsuit for trade.
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    SOLD FS Excel Drylock 4/3 XL

    Purchased new late fall and used this past winter. Chest zip. Maybe around 15 sessions and always rinsed with fresh water. Works great but a little tight so going to try sizing up. $100 plus shipping for jams.
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    WTB 10' Bag

    looking for a nice quality bag, better than a beater and just throwing it out here before I need to splash out on full retail.
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    Board pickup help in Encinitas

    Might be a long shot and a big ask but any one available today to grab a board in Encinitas? Deal won’t last please pm if so
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    Repurposing old wetsuits?

    Does anyone have ideas or good uses for repurposing old suits once they no longer make the rotation? Cut fullsuits into springs or jackets? Sew a few together to make a board bag? Start an Etsy shop for braided neoprene anklets?
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    11’ FCS Board bag FT - looking for 10’ bag

    11 footer I bought from Mr. Christmas RIP. Good condition no problems. Looking to trade for a good condition 10 footer. Located in HB with occasional trips north and south along the coast to meet.
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    10’2 Pro Lite Double Travel bag

    Looking to trade for a nice not abused day bag to fit a 9’8 longboard. Pro Lite Storm Proof series. Good condition, pretty clean. Just got it from Dawn Patrol but my travel plans have changed and just going to rent boards in country. I think we measured at 10’2 or 10’4 at pickup. Can...
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    WTB Greenough 4C

    Can’t find mine and hoping to get a replacement.
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    9’6 Pro Lite bag

    Good condition. No wax inside super clean. Just bought this used but wrong size. $50.
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    Hobie Phil Edwards Glider

    11’0 and beautiful. Just got something else unexpectedly and a custom on the way. Listed on CL and jammer deal available. DM if you want it.
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    What is the perfect travel board?

    Shape, construction, size, fins, etc... If you could design the ideal travel board considering any and all factors, what would you choose?
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    Bootie Armor

    Has anyone used something simple like an adhesive that might work to armor up some booties to stop a stingray stinger from striking skin. I just got hit by a stingray again. 3rd time in 18 months. Twice on top of the foot, once on the arch, all at different beaches.
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    Quicksilver Wetsuit - XLS 3/2

    Has wear and some holes/cracks in the seams. Probably about 7 or 8 years old. Could still work for summer or in a pinch. Haven't used it in years. Free pickup in HB.