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    Hilbers Stoke

    Had a mini zombie……still miss it…..
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    Board width for hollow waves

    I got a few different mccoy models. For what i know (and it’s not much) Geoff Mccoy can make you a board for any kind of wave. I got a Potbelly model which has a flatter rocker like a fish and goes great in flatter and mussier waves, got an Astron Zot model which goes good in smaller but...
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    Interests besides surfing revisited

    Besides family life, working, having a good time with friends and surfing i am into running. Distances from 5 km to marathons i do often but 2 weeks ago i did my first Ultrarun. It was 60 km around a dutch island called Texel. As a running surfers ofcourse my eyes were focused on the waves and i...
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    WTB True Ames california classic 9”

    Looking for a california classic to fit my 8’3 boarddesign Indy mini noserider. If you got one and could post it to the netherlands feel free to send me a message. Cheers, Northseacruiser
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    1 Board, 3 Board, & 5 Board Quiver

    1 board quiver: - 7’2 McCoy potbelly. Covers 80% of the waves i surf 3 board quiver: - 6’2 Bing twin fin - 7’2 McCoy potbelly - 9’6 Bing Silverspoon. Covers 99% of the waves i surf 5 board quiver: - 6’2 Bing twin fin - 6’8 McCoy Astron Zot - 7’2 McCoy Potbelly - 8’2 McCoy Big guy Nugget -...
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    Videos of surfing of people in their 40s-50s-60s?

    What about Joel Tudor, Kelly Slater and Cheyne Horan?
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    What board have you got coming..?

    Gonna pick up this used 8'3 Zeph Indy mini noserider! But as with most new boards i might get flat for the next weeks...
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    HP longboards

    Some pics of the takayama speed shape -DT-1 without the spoon from the 90's
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    HP longboards

    Got me a takayama dt-1 speed shape made around 94/95. From what I can find on internet it was made by DT for an oxbow/longboard promo tour in Europe. Nat Young, Joel Tudor and some others visited different countries in Europe to do the tour with a limited edition of DT/Oxbow longboards. Mine...
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    HP longboards

    After reading this i might pick up a 90’s takayama DT-1 this weekend!
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    Arrow, not archer.

    A colourfull McCoy and ride it like Cheyne Horan
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    Smaller Zeph Indy

    Anybody any experience with the Indy longboard either Bing model or a later one from Zeph? Easy to ride, good paddler, technical board, what kind of waves, what fin, strong heavy glassing,……all info more then welcome !!
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    Smaller Zeph Indy

    Looking for some feedback about a smaller Zeph Indy…. I always wanted a smaller longboard that would fit easier in the car/plane, still gives me the longboardfeelinf, will catch waves easily and still gives me a chance to mak a hang five. I might have a chance to buy a 8’3 Zeph Indy (no pics...
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    Bing Silver Spoon Vs Bing Continental???

    Hee Pablillo, Really love Fuerte, have been coming on your island for over 25 years and booked again for our spingbreak in april and summer holiday in august!! I’ve got a 9’6 Silverspoon (never surfed it in Fuerte..) which is a very nice allround noserider. I rode my Takayama model T (sold...
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    4A Fin Hum

    I’ve had the same on a thruster mccoy and i liked it. When it started humming i knew i was going full speed….
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    Surfboard travel packing alternative (flexi-hex) question

    I used it several times. As long as the flexi-hex stays in one piece the protection is ok. But once it gets wet or damaged it’s not as good anymore. So as long as you can keep it dry (humidity in CR….) and it doesn’t get damaged you should do fine with it!
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    Your life outside of surfing

    I work at a local waterboard as a teammanager. Don’t earn the biggest money but it’s enough and i got a lot of free time. It’s also easy to take a few hours off which is good since waves in holland can last for just a few hours. A lot off free time makes it also easier to take several holidays a...
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    Robert August

    Saw him a few years ago shaping in Tamarindo. Right now i am in France and there are still RA handshaped boards for sale here.
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    south pacific (or elsewhere) tropical snorkel & kids surf

    Have a look at the Dominican Republic. Good surf in wintertime with softer waves as well, good temperatures, nice diving and snorkeling.
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    WTB Halo Fins for ITP Tak LB

    Halo sidebites are on ebay for 50 usd if my memory is correct