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  1. ekim

    WTB. 7-7.5 fin

    Something for a 10'6" pintail log with vee in tail. 2+1 setup. Recommend something?
  2. ekim

    Life is precious

    A little break from politics and lesbian surfers. Can't get out in the water these days over a child having health problems and helping my wife run her business while being stuck in a wheelchair. Juggling food , dishes and job trying to keep my sanity. Enjoy the waves and nature while you can!
  3. ekim

    Fin trade 8.5" Skip Frye

    I have a couple fins that I'm looking to trade. 10" Fins Unlimited 10" sro and an 8.5 skip frye.Looking for a 9.25 skip frye A-flex, or 4C/4A
  4. ekim

    Mai Tai recipe

    Who knows how to make a good Mai Tai? Like the ones, you get in cheap Maui hotels, dive bars? Think it was Pineapple Juice, dark rum, and some kind of float on top like triple sec or light coconut rum? Tried the fancy ones but too much alcohol? Not much into hard alcoholic drinks but enjoyed...
  5. ekim

    Fins unlimited SRO 10"

    For sale or trade $40. That's mostly wax on the tip. Fin is in great shape. Open to trades!
  6. ekim

    WTB Futures Quad Fin Set

    Walnuts had luck so I'll start my own. Looking for Futures quad set. Flat fronts and 80/20 rears. Plastic ,hex or fiberglass.
  7. ekim

    Mitsven Stinky Model

    Looks interesting. Sidebites are farther back. Anyone tried one?
  8. ekim

    Board train Seattle to Portland

    Any Jammers in the seattle area heading south to Portland? Got a board for a friends 60's birthday that needs to be delivered. Board and delivery house right off I5. Cheers! Will repay in gas $ ,beer ,wine or smoke.
  9. ekim

    Trade Larry Allison 9.5 flex fin for Future twin fins.

    Looking for Rasta Keels or MR. type.
  10. ekim

    WTB Mandala clandestino or Avocet

    looking for an 8'5-8'6". going to be in San Diego in July.
  11. ekim

    Old Hobie Identification

    wondering what year this might be from and or shaper?
  12. ekim

    Where' Smukes?

    I miss that guy.
  13. ekim

    self shape

    Finally got around to shaping this 9'2" x 23 x 3" glider gun thing. Only took me 5 hours! LOL .Makes me appreciate the real shapers out there. Not an easy thing to do. Hope it floats?
  14. ekim

    Vintage Hansen Porn

    Vintage Hansen sitting in my buddy's garage. Thought you would like to see!
  15. ekim

    Bing pipeliner

    Does anyone use these in bigger surf? I'm looking into ordering.
  16. ekim

    Wide boards

    Anyone ride boards of the egg species in the 8'6 - 9'0" X 24" width range?
  17. ekim

    Hooded 5/4 recommendations

    Looking to buy a hooded wetsuit for a friend. His limit is $225 and under. I personally only wear BOZ but they run $400, so between Billabong ,Rip Curl , Quicksilver which do you guys prefer? I'm not familiar with these brands but I'm staying away from O'neil because they fit more stockier body...
  18. ekim

    Any Jamboarders in west maui want to rent a Longboard in mid sept.

    Would rather rent from one of you guys instead of a shop but if no hits ,I'm open to suggestions .
  19. ekim

    9" Dale Dobson fin

    I have a 9.5" Fins Unlimited Dale Dobson in red that is brand new never used sitting around. Looking to trade for a 10" 4A or similar. Also interested in 10" Velzy classic.
  20. ekim

    Poll: Rail thickness