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  1. West81

    need help with nose rider

    I have that board as well. I feel its easy to cross step on (how else would you surf a longboard?) but not neccesarily an easy noserider. Board likes to be surfed from the tail or from the middle. Easiest noserider I ever rode was the Takayama In The Pink.
  2. West81

    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    I ride the 8' outlier with a 9,75 4A fin. Step back a little and it turns really well. I'm a large (ish) dude at 6'3 and 190 lbs without wetsuit Never stepped on the leash string. I surf with the fin all the way forward into the finbox.
  3. West81

    weight works

    I have a hollow wooden board that I build myself. Didnt use any fancy wood, just the cheap stuff from the store. Its 8' long and weighs around 11kgs or 24 something lbs. It surfs real nice and doesnt mind chop at all. I call it my chop-killah. But getting hit by that thing is lethal for sure...
  4. West81

    Eyes and Ears

    My mate uses a surf hat to protect his eyes (with lenses) from the spray and sun
  5. West81

    Alt surfboard rider query.

    Thats awesome. Cant see more than 4 inches into our murky waters
  6. West81

    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    Thats a great report! Maybe Ill drop by the store tomorrow and feel one up Clean looking boards too, mine all appear to have developed smokers lung
  7. West81

    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    Thats awesome! Im considering the Mid6 in 7'10 to be used as a step-uppish kinda board for our local storm surf and as a travel board. My underbelly is telling me my singlefin obsession is slowly coming to an end and it may be time to add a hacking and slashing stick to the quiver again...
  8. West81

    Alt surfboard rider query.

    Im regular. I surf alt boards because these shapes tend to be larger and therefore allow me to get more waves. My development as a surfer somehow correlates to the historic development of surfboards. I'm also more into glide/flow versus vertical performance
  9. West81

    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    I assume the shapers and surfers involved also make some money Been eying this Harley Ingleby Mid 6. I wouldnt mind supporting Harley. He seems like a standup guy
  10. West81

    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Did you draw those lines with pen to get a few days off? My tests look way cleaner
  11. West81

    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Surfed some overhead dumping swells on my Outlier. Got stoked on that board all over again. Got a couple real nice ones when everything lined up and the face cleaned out. Digging my new fin that all my friends are telling me is too large, such kooks they are ;) Amazing sunset with clear purple...
  12. West81

    Cj Nelson Boards.

    Those fins are hard to get here. Pretty happy with the 9,75 4A in my 8 footer
  13. West81

    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    I came accross this one from last winter. 8' outlier. Wave is kinda slopey but check that furrow
  14. West81

    What is the perfect travel board?

    Old surftech Takayama Egg in 7'6 or 7'10 If Im sure I will be doing longboarding only I would bring an allrounder/performancy longboard. 2+1 setup, medium rocker, nice edge in the tail
  15. West81

    Your life outside of surfing

    40, two kids (5 and 8) Live in The Netherlands in a smallish appartment (mortgage paid) a 5 minute bike ride from the beach and best surfspot. I work 4 days a week as the COO for an innovative tech company. I make enough so my partner can be a full-time mom. Basically determine my own hours so...
  16. West81

    Robert August

    Here, he's mainly known for starring in the Endless Summer. I also never regarded him as a cutting edge shaper.
  17. West81

    Well, my Wayne Rich Wild Card 3 was shaped today.

    That is one cool looking board. And what a "unique" way to sign. Also kinda curious about that leash-plug (?) in the center stringer on the nose
  18. West81

    Robert August

    I see Tuflite What I Ride's occasionally
  19. West81

    For those little, tiny, teeny, itty, bitty, weeny days?

    I have an 11' Munoz glider for those conditions. Waves dont even need to break, I can just surf the rolling swells
  20. West81

    For those of you that count, how’d you do last year?

    Bout to go for my fourth session this year