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    Yater Spoon thoughts

    I have a very clean 1967 Yater Spoon. Haven't ridden it much. A lot of belly roll, not my go to characteristic. Three friends have ridden it a fair bit and really dig it. I will try to add some photos. Below are Renny and I with board, close up of the logo, and the board with its original and...
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    surfing switch

    This was a fun project to be a part of. (I am Billed in it as Rick Buck). The first wave is Oliver Parker. He steals the whole 5 minutes for sure. You will note he sticks a solid regular five, to ten to backside five before a very slick reset. Watch Oliver throughout and let me tell he is a...
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    A video from last week shot by my friend Sam Schaefer. Good example of several different waves and different ways to find speed and different lines of choice when riding a mat. Manipulating the rail is the secret to mat riding.
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    Hola @davey and @PeakMaster those two waves were from December I think. Shot by Ryan from Log Rap. First one got a lot of views on Ryan’s log rap IG feed, think well over million views. I always felt the second wave was a better wave though. Regardless, his sharing the footage was generous and...
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    I have nothing really to add here, but a small aside, ice nine comes from Vonnegut’s “cats cradle” not Bradbury.
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    Surfmat for the weekend

    I can loan you one. I’m between Ventura and Santa Barbara. I have several you can choose from. Finest quality build, light material, high performance mats.
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    Death to Surfline
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    I prefer a mat in more size of a wave. The chop isn’t a problem, mats can find a strong line in most conditions.
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    I still have 3-4 old neumátics. May part with one someday
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    They are a lot of fun. They work great. They are not easy to master though. January memory:
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    RIP Phil Becker

    I have 3 1967 Rick Noseriders likely shaped by Phil Becker, plus a few more my brother owns. While I have never owned a Becker nor particularly desired too, the man had a huge impact on surfing. Some of the best boards of the classic era were shaped by him and he helped push the limits of a...
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    The truth about surfmats?

    Any updates Ned? I got a new one from Graeme a few weeks back and it is a real gem.
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    aslbuck killin it!

    Thanks Smukes. Mats are hard at first but if you ride alongside someone who understands them they are much easier. A lot of people approach them like they are a type of bodyboard, which they are totally different from. Having proper point waves never hurts either :-)
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    aslbuck killin it!

    Thanks! Nice to have a visual memory of a fun wave!
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    Most influential and still relevant transitional board

    Do you ride the Surf o Plane at full inflation? It is a blowup right?
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    The truth about surfmats?

    BINGO! I have also found taking it out on some of the best days at a world class point elevate the need to get it wired. If you can’t ride it and make sections you will get dropped in on as if you are invisible. a surf mat has so much to offer that will never be unlocked if it is viewed as a...
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    The truth about surfmats?

    if you want to figure out equipment ride it in good surf, that is where deeper understanding of the nuances and complexities will come from. Whether it’s a mat, a twin fin, etc., to me it makes sense to push it in better waves then grovel in shit and expect to figure a craft out.
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    The truth about surfmats?

    Personally, I don’t care for hanging off the back when catching a wave and having to pull myself up onto the mat. I find that loses critical seconds to get the mat engaged and down the line. Mats are harder than people expect. Coming from riding Neumatics and G Mats and riding low inflation...
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    The Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic...Thoughts?

    The wave looks fun for sure. Cords seem to be the policy of the establishment there. I was most curious about the selection of whom was picked to surf. Like the Duct Tape and the Relik it seems there is some tunnel vision on whom is picked. Joel always surfs great, but watching him it looked to...
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    The truth about surfmats?

    I respect your loyalty to Paul, but I would suggest rather than saying other mat makers are imitators perhaps instead see them as having different build designs or ideas. Paul, Graeme, dale, if you are lucky, all are good men making good products.