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    When I'm around age 80, what's important in a longboard?

    My favorite board is a beast: 50-lb., 11'0. I'm age 49 no problem...but someday it'll be too heavy. So, I plan to order a lighter EPS version of it now, because the shaper, much older than me, won't be around forever. Before I do though, I have a question, with much respect...
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    Vintage Phillips... yes/no, install a leash plug?

    I have only surfed a longboard, but want to try a mid length, so I scored this 8-footer cheap. It's vintage, original color, Wave finbox, etc, and is now being restored to watertight. (Guess I could have found something newer, but money is tight and it's a cool board.) Question: Would you...
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    What is your favorite logo?

    Does not have to be a board/shaper...for example, I love the classic diamond-shaped Hobie logo, but that Greenough WWI plane might get my vote for coolest overall.
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    Repair or leave it as-is?

    The bright spot along the stringer is sunlight. My friend's board. Did him a favor by patching the two tail points, which were smashed. It's a Ben Aipa SUP. EPS. He rides it in knee high waves a couple times a year. I was about to give it back to him then saw that sunlight shining...
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    Anyone ridden a 8'1 Phillips Mini?

    Just curious! I paid $150 for this at an antique store recently. I've seldom ridden anything under 9'6" but figured what the hell, so I bought it. Currently waiting for it to be professionally restored. Got a Greenough 4 Waveset fin coming as well. The restoration will be a