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  1. ekim

    Oregon Surf shop recommendations

    Bring or rent a pintail, Sunday's gonna be huge with no wind.
  2. ekim

    worth the wait..

    Very nice!
  3. ekim

    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    Get well. Sending love to you.
  4. ekim


    Tried every type. Not a fan of O'neill wetsuits but the 7mm heat roundtoe work for my wide, flat size 13 feet.
  5. ekim

    Fowler review

    Got my 7'6" in Poly on the way. These soft tops look very nice. Go Bruce!
  6. ekim

    What board have you got coming..?

    7'6" Fowler New Machine.
  7. ekim

    Who’s the head shaper at Anderson now?!

    That the 10' Ka Po?
  8. ekim

    Twinzer feedback

    Damn... wish I lives in SD!
  9. ekim

    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards
  10. ekim

    Twinzer feedback

    Would love to try a Kenson twinzer egg.
  11. ekim

    Fin advice 7' Fowler V8

    I would not recommend the board in weak surf. Beachbreak that dumps quick and needs quick directional changes is not when you want to bring this board out. I like it in at least head high to comfortably overhead,open-face waves where you would not have to normally pump a board to catch up. Best...
  12. ekim

    Fin advice 7' Fowler V8

    I'd try the 9" stage 6.
  13. ekim

    Fowler V8, Andreini McVee, others?

    Don't know about quad setup. My 8'6" x 24 1/4" is a single fin and I run it with a 10" velzy classic about 12" off tail. I use it at certain spots where it excels. Not at dumpy hollow beach break.One of my favorite boards.
  14. ekim

    WTB. 7-7.5 fin

    Something for a 10'6" pintail log with vee in tail. 2+1 setup. Recommend something?
  15. ekim

    Cities to Surf and raise a family in that are somewhat affordable?

    I scored my house by swinging by and saying hi to the owner. I told him I'd put an offer on it and he said something like, "are you gonna want me to fix the roof on the garage?" I said if you take my offer you can leave it as is. Helped that he was a fellow motorcyclist and I was on my bike...
  16. ekim

    Cities to Surf and raise a family in that are somewhat affordable?

    Tried to move to Australia in the 90's. Wife at the time was from OZ but she wanted to stay here? Now I'm stuck 1 1/2 hour drive to the beach. My vote is Alaska.
  17. ekim

    WTB - Downrailer Gun/Pintail

    My favorite board $20 yardsale score. 1979 8'0" Wilderness pintail singlefin. Only ride it once or twice a year.
  18. ekim

    How to loosen a quad setup?

    I had a 6'8" egg that I placed the quad set up with the hanalei fin setup. They were the old Lokbox fins so you could adjust them 1/8" either way up or down. In the standard middle position, they made the board really tracky and hard to turn. Pushed them together in the tightest cluster I could...
  19. ekim

    Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits

    Sounds like a Psych rock LP.
  20. ekim

    Any speed shapes out there?

    Damn, Perfect !