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  1. aporta

    Your life outside of surfing

    What a great thread. Can’t put a face to a screen name, but can assemble some idea of a person with these jobs and lifestyle choices. I’m late 30s married fire fighter here in NYC. No kids yet. Schedule is very flexible and I’m 40 minutes from a wave, though not necessarily a great one 90% of...
  2. aporta

    Andreini Stoke

    7’3 vaquero custom ordered through Pilgrim. Not a recent pic up, before the list mayhem. Let’s hope for waves on the east coast soon, this La Niña jet stream has been harsh.
  3. aporta


    Some Vee action from Fantastic Acid. And possibly a clue to the LISK investigation on the dunes …
  4. aporta

    Patagonia and O’Neill boots size 9

    One season use for each, using other boots at moment and these deserve a good home. O’Neil fit standard 9, Patagonia little snug, but just affects getting off not comfort in the water. The Patagonia are their highest rated ones 7mm equivalent, and O’Neill are 5mm. $50 for Patagonia $40 for...
  5. aporta

    Andreini Stoke

    Sound like a plan, I love my 7’3 vaquero and was just curious. I told him what and where I mostly surf, and trusted him too.
  6. aporta

    Andreini Stoke

    Very nice. How much more pulled in is the nose than a standard vaquero?
  7. aporta

    For Sale: 8" & 8.5" Volan Flex Fins

    First day out on my Bryce, very impressed. Usually ride a 8inch 4a in my furrow craft cosmic bandito, but this 8inch from Bryce lit up the board. Very happy customer right here
  8. aporta

    Just round bottom board pics

    Looks like you’re covered . Very nice . Got mcvee envy over here
  9. aporta

    Tri plane hull

    I hope you score one of her boards. The labyrinth works out east, and can be a fun board for nearly all conditions this way.
  10. aporta

    Just round bottom board pics

    Wow sounds like a blast
  11. aporta

    Just round bottom board pics

    Very nice
  12. aporta

    SOLD: 7’6 Furrow Labyrinth TPH Volan

    Whoever scores this is gonna be stoked !
  13. aporta

    When the surf report calls it 1 -2.

    Also, great photos on the blog. Provides the necessary stoke for this current flat spell.
  14. aporta

    When the surf report calls it 1 -2.

    Big boards and low expectations No bad days
  15. aporta

    What board are you vibing on these days?

    Keep the Kegel shaped board stoke going
  16. aporta

    Andreini Stoke

    Those are two gorgeous boards
  17. aporta

    Tri plane hull

    I surfed her tri plane cosmic bandito in amazing New England surf this morning. I’m a full laymen in this world of board building, but I will say I have surfed my 9’0 bandito tph and 8’4 labyrinth tph by furrow craft in whatever waves I can get , from ankle to head +. Plenty of planing area to...
  18. aporta

    TRADED: 8'4" Furrow Labrynth Edge for trade only

    I have an 8’4 labyrinth, no edge. Simply amazing board. I imagine this takes that stoke to the next level.
  19. aporta

    Just round bottom board pics

    Yea it is

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