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  1. Meisenheimer54

    SOLD 8’0 Trimcraft Haley Pin

    For Sale: 8’0 Trimcraft Haley Pin Stock Board from Watermans, very sad to part with it but I was allowed the opportunity to get a killer Thick Lizzy Board has been ridden 3 times, in excellent condition, abstract resin work on top deck Comes with Center fin and side bites $800
  2. Meisenheimer54

    SOLD 7’2 Campbell Brothers Bonzer

    For Trade: 7’2 Campbell Brothers Bonzer 7’2 x 21 x 2 3/4 Comes with TA Bonzer fin Bought from Ventura Surf shop, ridden 3 times, super fun board but wished it was thicker. considering Malcolm isn’t shaping custom I had to take a chance. Unfortunately I hate paddling so to the trade block it...
  3. Meisenheimer54

    SOLD 7’2 Andreini Vaquero

    For Sale or Trade: 7’2 Andreini Vaquero 7’2 x 22 x 2 3/4-2 7/8 Custom so the thickness is a guestimation In great condition. Few pressures on the top, bottom is clean. Comes with bag I don’t think I’ve learned my lesson from my past but like Michael Scott said I was ready to be hurt again...
  4. Meisenheimer54

    FT: 8’2 Michael Miller Drifter

    Putting up for trade my 8’2 Michael Miller Drifter Triple Stringer, glassed on wood thruster, deck patches 8’2 x 22 x 2 7/8 Board is in great shape just pressures on the top deck, my Nozzle just shadows this too much and love the noz more. Looking to jump on something new, so might as well see...
  5. Meisenheimer54

    WTB: 7’+ Twin Pin

    Looking to get a Twin Pin, they look really interesting and want to get my feet on one. Interested in the eternal life, furrow Floyd pepper, mandala delta v, etc. 7’ and up have cash in hand, let me know what you got
  6. Meisenheimer54

    Furrow Floyd Pepper

    Saw Christine post one up on her Instagram and was curious if anyone had a ride report. I’ve never ridden a Twin Pin and hers look pretty dialed. Anyone with a ride report?
  7. Meisenheimer54

    Board Train from Ventura to OC

    Need some help getting an 8’0 board from Ventura to OC. Gas cash and or Beer in it for ya!! let me know!
  8. Meisenheimer54

    WTB: Osprey Surfboard

    Looking to get an Osprey Surfboard, probably the only style board I haven’t owned yet haha. something in the 8’-9’ range, open to most of his shapes I know it’s a tall task because people that have them swear by them but thought I would throw it out there in case someone had a bad session...
  9. Meisenheimer54

    WTB: Campbell Brothers Bonzer Egg

    Looking to get a Campbell Bro’s Bonzer egg, want to expand the Midlength variety and this is something I’ve yet to get under my feet. 7’2-8’ ideally, let me know what you got!
  10. Meisenheimer54

    SOLD 9’2 Dewey Weber Performer

    For Sale: 9’2 Dewey Weber Performer 9’2 x 23 5/8 x 3 1/8 Shaped by Jerry O’Keafe in 2005 The board is in excellent shape, just a couple pressures, few rail snackles that were repaired and no dings. Got this board in a swap a while back and ready to move onto some more performance logging then...
  11. Meisenheimer54


    For Sale: 8.5 101 Bamboo Single fin. It’s Josh Halls new 101 single fin template never been used. SOLD 7.5 Skip Frye, snagged a rock at SanO with it but overall good shape. SOLD FCS 1 Hobie Keels, like new ridden about 5 times in a Michael Miller Drifter. SOLD
  12. Meisenheimer54

    FS/FT: 9’5 Larry Mabile Twinzer

    For Sale: Larry Mabile Twinzer 9’4 x 23 x 3 If I wasn’t getting a Nozzle this board would never leave my garage but alas here we are. Board is in excellent shape, some pressures on the top deck. Got it from a jammer and would love it to stay. comes with fins $800 Located in Newport Beach, CA
  13. Meisenheimer54

    FS: Gordon & Smith Egg

    For Sale: Gordon & Smith Egg 7’2 x 22” 2 5/8” Excellent all around board in great condition. no dings or repaires, couple pressures on the top deck. Shaped by Chris Darby and its an awesome all around board for any condition. $550 for Jammers located in Newport Beach
  14. Meisenheimer54

    SOLD 10’8 Michael Miller Drifter

    For Sale: 10’8 Michael Miller Drifter Picked this board up from @SDBoardHoarder, rode it a couple times down south but just don’t ride it enough up in OC to keep it so passing it back along to the Jammers. Board is in excellent condition. Would consider a trade for a Nozzle in the 8’-9’ range...
  15. Meisenheimer54

    SOLD Mike Griffin Step Up

    For Sale: 7’6 Mike Griffin Step Up 7'6" X 21 X 2 5/8 Got the board from the guy who bought it from BoardSource, tried it out because I was curious how the K Model rides but didn’t really jive with it. So movin it on to someone else, just pressures on the top deck, no dings or repairs $400...
  16. Meisenheimer54

    SOLD 9’7 Davenport 40/65

    For Sale: 9’7 Davenport 40/65 Triple stringer, antique yellow polish glass, glassed on custom fin Board was ridden about 5 times, in pristine condition! Shame that I don’t ride it enough but I grab other boards over it and this thing deserves to get ridden. If ya got any more questions or want...
  17. Meisenheimer54

    SOLD Brand New 11’ Josh Hall Eagle

    For sale or trade: 11’ Josh Hall Eagle Board is brand new, never waxed or seen water Triple stringer, antique yellow tint, single fin box, glasses leash loop Ordered this board over a year ago, and in that time tried the 11’ length and realized it’s not ideal where I surf so here’s the shot...
  18. Meisenheimer54

    7’ Michael Miller Eagle SOLD

    Recently picked this bad boy up from @kclibman, rode it this week and couldn’t get it to click for me so thought I would post it back up 7’ x 21 7/8 x 2 7/8 $600 or Trade looking to trade for something cool in the 8’-9’ range. Into hulls, fishes, eggs, etc (the fun shit) Let me know what ya got!
  19. Meisenheimer54

    FS or FT: 10’4 Mike Griffin Gypsy

    For sale or trade: 10’4 Mike Griffin Gypsy Picked this up in the heat of the moment, got it home, drank a beer and couldn’t think of a reason to keep it. So thought I would keep it in the Jam community and offer it up for it’s asking or trade $800 Trade for a long fish in the 8’-9’ range...
  20. Meisenheimer54

    FT: 8’8 Andreini McVee

    For Trade: 8’8 Andreini McVee Ordered it new through DayDream Surf Shop and paid accordingly. Rode it maybe 5 times and just keep grabbing my other boards before this one. So time to swap it out for something I want to reach for. looking for something over 9’ from the usual suspects, Takayama...