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  1. JMJackFish

    Molded, Reverse Engineered, Handshaped by One Only...WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE TO YOU?

    Why limit it the stringer to wood? You could pick another material like carbon or higher density foam to use on the perimeter.
  2. JMJackFish

    9’6” Stu Sharp Longboard

    Impressed with his gloss/polish on Epoxy
  3. JMJackFish

    Favorite old school surf film other than The Endless Summer?

    Not super old school but Bali High with the soundtrack by Mike Sena. Burned into my brain. "told you it was shallow"
  4. JMJackFish

    The Gold Watch: Seeking Input on a Retirement Present

    Jim the Genius is another solid option. His EPS works of art are in line with what you are after. He could conjure up something extra special from stringer work to fin(s) to glass work extraordinaire. Dreamy
  5. JMJackFish

    Twinzer Design/Experiment.

    JohnNC just came over and we were looking at a pile of sick twinzers and other fun craft. Pretty similar DNA in most of the boards that we checked. Bottom contours, foam distribution, fin placement, fin angles... Really cool to see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  6. JMJackFish

    Some swell in the Shire

    Amazeballs - love it
  7. JMJackFish

    SOLD-Tyler Warren Dream Fish Twin

    That board is sick. The pad is a pad, no biggie. Wish it were on this coast. I'd scoop it up.
  8. JMJackFish

    What is your favorite logo?

    Christensons skull
  9. JMJackFish

    isophthalic resin..?

    I just ordered a couple of gallons to see how it works out. Just a little higher than regular poly.
  10. JMJackFish

    Let's talk BAGS

    I've done it - not really worth it in my opinion. You could go to a boat canvas store and ask but I think the costs could be $40+ minimum.
  11. JMJackFish

    Up to date information on Trimcraft shapers and glassers

    I've seen pretty big differences from different shapers of the "same" board that I ordered under the TrimCraft label. At least 3/4" wider and over 1/3" thicker. Boards were night and day. My good one was from Joe Yee. All good except glass job was sub par. Was a huge bummer when I went to...
  12. JMJackFish

    The Gentlemans Thruster

    Christenson Hole Shot and Nautilus are great. Rawson sniper in smaller size is mental.
  13. JMJackFish

    Josh Hall Logo

    Ask him - he is a great communicator and cool cat.
  14. JMJackFish

    SOLD - 8’11 TW speed shape

    That board has the lines. Bet it flies! GLWT
  15. JMJackFish

    favorite tube boards

    Pyzel Ghost works pretty good
  16. JMJackFish

    uh, spend much time waxing up..?

    Mr 233+
  17. JMJackFish

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Some old sleds in OBX
  18. JMJackFish

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Was mine - sold it to that dude for $350 not too long ago. Good rider - flat bottom
  19. JMJackFish

    Rusty eggs

    He'd do a twinzer set up on one... Just saying