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  1. Spritzer

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    9'4" Bing Levitator $750
  2. Spritzer

    Santa Cruz board repair?

    Felix at sand dollar did some basic ding work fire me three years back.. Work was good, but took forevveeerrrrrr. It was always next week, next week, next week.
  3. Spritzer

    Fall 2021 Beach House Boardswap NJ

    I'll 3rd that!
  4. Spritzer

    10 grand

    When are you and @Basenji703 opening the showrooms for viewing? lol
  5. Spritzer

    Fall 2021 Beach House Boardswap NJ

    Anyone from Virginia Beach heading up? Merrik87 and I have boards that need to trade places; trying to get my board up to NJ.
  6. Spritzer

    Stuck center fin screw (embarrassing plea)

    Maybe PB Blaster...? Worked like a charm removing a 15 year old 02 sensor this past weekend, maybe just a little squirt on the screw. No idea how it would affect the box or fin though.
  7. Spritzer

    I made an airbnb app for surfboards

    No option to browse inventory online, it has to be done through app download?
  8. Spritzer

    Twisted fin?

    Calling Artisan Fin Co-Op for an explanation on the benefits of curved fin hydrodynamics
  9. Spritzer


    I've been switching between the jetty and Pendleton cams at work.. looked like a fun time this morning
  10. Spritzer

    Central coast shapers

    Route One surfboards - right out of Monterrey. He mostly shapes shortboards. I haven't used any of them but have seen some guys on them out at asilomar and Spanish Bay.
  11. Spritzer

    Heavy water loggin’… do ya do it? Faves that do?

    I really enjoy when someone is trying to learn a foil, in The crowded part of a beach break, with miles of empty Beach to the right and left. I prefer to not be decapitated today, please.
  12. Spritzer

    Custom surfboard color not what expected.

    But it taste so good, I'll deal with the backend later, both literal and figuratively lol
  13. Spritzer

    Injured (again) and trying to keep the stoke when you can't surf...

    Has anyone one popped out a once fixed hernia while surfing, specifically paddling? Or gotten an ab strain? I had inguinal hernia surgery in 2016, life has been great surfing and working out until this weekend, second day of Henri, I'm about an hour into a session, paddling out, And I got the...
  14. Spritzer

    Horses for courses or one hammer for every nail?

    just be poor like me, it solves the board choice problem when there is only a couple to pick from.
  15. Spritzer

    River Surfing Updates

    @longboardkook does Denver have any river surf shops? Is that a thing or do you have to order everything online? I drove through a few years ago and didn't even think to check out one, if they exist.
  16. Spritzer

    Can a 6'8" board be considered a big guy mid length?

    I think other than general sizing guidelines it's relative to the individual riders height/weight. My wife is 5'2, so my 9'9 is almost a SUP for her and my 8'0 Austin stubby, although not a traditional lonboard by any means, she can basically treat it as one.
  17. Spritzer

    Ride Report; 10'6" Black Rose Fine Swine

    Do you plan on taking it out if Henri sends us something bigger this weekend?
  18. Spritzer


    Of all the crypto currency available, how did you settle on safemoon?
  19. Spritzer

    Virginia Beach - VRBO AIRBB in July?

    I'm a few miles from the beach, if you want to borrow a board just send me a message. Theres a lot more options than I put on the list, but just a few that come to mind real quick, you'll just about find anything you're looking for here, I like eating so if you're looking for anything in...
  20. Spritzer

    New members

    How's the volume on that one?