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  1. Justskater

    Grentec Skateboards.

    If think they are american, but I am not sure. On eBay you can find a lot of Grantec skateboards :)
  2. Justskater

    Hand made longboards?

    Even if no-one answered, I'll try again, as I don't want to open a new topic.. maybe I'll find some help now ;) I found some interesting shop online that make handmade longboards. I was thinking to post here some of them, so maybe someone could help me to chose my board. The first I found is...
  3. Justskater

    Soul in Seoul

    I'll go to Seul next summer! ;) any suggestion on the city? (about skating of course)
  4. Justskater

    Hand made longboards?

    Hey guys I'm looking for an hand made longboard? anyone have a suggestion?? :)
  5. Justskater

    random pics

    Oh I see! I though it was yours :) It it beautiful.. I'll google him right now. Thank for the suggestion!
  6. Justskater

    Bones Brigade documentary on Netflix

    I saw it too.. it's amazing! ;)
  7. Justskater

    Selling a couple boards

    I know it is quite late but... do you still have it?
  8. Justskater

    random pics

    Omg is it your van? Where did you buy it? I am definitely in love with it :)