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    Looking to Buy - 9 foot soft board - FOUND

    Looking for a 9 (within 6 inches) foot soft top for my kid if you have it sitting around. Hopefully something in pretty decent condition thats got some life left. Our current Odysea filled up with water after the bottom ripped out. Prefer local in OC, CA somewhere, but open to travel a bit...
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    Looking to buy: Skateboard

    Looking for an average/above average condition skateboard...If you have one laying around and not being used even better. Well anything above 36 inches is good. Daughter looking for something bigger than the little plastic Penny boards. $100ish range for a complete board. Shipped or in the...
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    Looking to buy: Single Fin for Egg

    Have an 8 foot Egg and looking for a single fin to use for it. Looking for Greenough 4A 7.5 to 8.0" or similar type Flex fin. Doesnt have to be real nice, just functional and strong. Located in OC, Ca.... Thanks all.