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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    Volume is just about the last metric I would use to judge a board. I would be more interested in rail foil, rocker, wide point location, edge in the rail, etc. all of which are largely carried over between the two different boards, per Ryan Engle. Rick is right that the main difference is the...
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    I will say it’s mostly splitting hairs. The difference between the 8’ outlier and 8’3” parallax is going to be largely imagined unless you’re surfing at a very high level in good surf. For mere mortals in regular junk conditions it’s whichever one looks and feels good under arm.
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    That camel is choice. Someone is going to score off that one.
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Pretty sure anything over 9’6” is advertised as a “glider” these days just like anything over 8 years old is “vintage.”
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    SOLD 10’1” Ryan Engles Shapes Oracle - Nation MFG

    Good looking and great price. This should go quick
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    CL Deals NorCal

    How is That would basically make this forum empty then for all of us who don’t use Facebook for the “secret” marketplace. Plus, who knows what anyone really wants or will be interested in actually buying. Better to make it where you have to have a certain number of posts to be able to view the...
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    Jamboards T-Shirt

    I’ll take 6.
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    What's all this hype on Crime?

    I think some people here are over analyzing this. They’re epoxy boards with a thin, soft textured deck that surf better than a foamie like an 88 or INT. No one here is saying it’s the second coming of Jesus or you should trade your Frye for one.
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    What's all this hype on Crime?

    Not really. Penny boards suck for everything, especially skating. The crime boards actually surf pretty well. What do I know though, I’ve actually surfed one.
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    What's all this hype on Crime?

    I think one example isn’t enough to make a judgement. There are assholes on every type of board out there.
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    What's all this hype on Crime?

    I’ve had a few of them. The first one I got was the 11’ glider simply because the shape and foil is nice, and it was much cheaper new than any similar sized board. It actually surfs quite nice, and I also use it as a prone paddle board, the soft deck is also good with kids getting smacked in the...
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    I had one and it surfed well. Actually similar to a Tommy Witt I’ve ridden before, perhaps more forgiving. Definitely a pocket noserider so not one for cheesing the shoulder.
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    I’m interested. What color is it?
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    What board have you got coming..?

    Added two more customs and one pop out to the queue aside from the Andreini and Arenal I’m waiting on 10’ Joseph Yee log 9’10” Kris Hall daily cup 8’3” parallax to hold me over until the Serena edge is done
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    Found: 8ft Crime Stubby!

    As @takedown says I had a 11’ from last year, sold it for a 12’1” and then sold that for another 11’. I won’t ever get rid of it. I’m not into point and shoot boards and this thing can actually turn. The newer ones are triple stringers with an appropriate amount of weight and flex.
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    FS: 8'4 Mollusk Putnam Engineering Wildcat SOLD

    How’s the glassing on this? Paper thin?
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    SOLD- 7'4" Greek FC Type 1 Hull

    That’s some weird spousal power play.
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    Probably more complaining about the number of pages I bet.
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    Lovelace FM Thoughts

    Having seen and surfed Michael’s boards, I think he’s a better shaper than Ryan IMO.
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Started a job contract at an ER in the central valley this week. Dealing with covid crisis conditions with the highest number of sick, dying and dead people I've ever seen in a hospital, coupled with unsafe levels of smokey air and 105+ degree heat. Got in the water back home this morning for a...