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    Board Shipping: Virgina Beach to SoCal

    Needed some help with a board I'm buying in Virgina Beach, VA . Not a single surfshop in VA has a Cargo Account they all ship through FedEx/ UPS (expensive). I was looking for someone that has a Cargo account and is willing to setup a waybill etc. The seller is willing to pack it and drop it off...
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    Board pickup Carlsbad

    I have a board on hold in Carlsbad. Need some help with picking up and holding it until the boardroom show this month. Please reach out if your able to help.
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    Board Train : SD to Irvine

    I'm helping a friend purchase a board in San Diego and it needs to be picked up somewhat soon. If anyone is willing to grab it and meet up with me in Irvine, San Clemente, or anywhere in between please let me know.
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    Board Train: San Luis Obispo to Oxnard

    Anyone out there that can grab a 9ft longboard from SLO to Oxnard or LA/OC please let me know. You will be compensated for Gas.
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    Board Train: Santa Rosa to SoCal SUCCESS!

    Was wondering if any jammers are in Santa Rosa area to grab a board for me up there. I have friends in Walnut Creek or Tracy that can take delivery of it when it's been secured.
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    CONSTANT Board Train from Ventura to Laguna / Irvine

    I'd like to offer an ongoing board train from Laguna / Irvine area to Ventura / Oxnard. My cousin is stationed on the base there in Oxnard and he makes the trip down almost every weekend. Hopefully he can help some of the Ventura locals score some of the boards down here without having to worry...
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    LTB Vintage Egg shape 7'0 - 8'0 Does anyone know if this is being flipped ? $575 is a tad ridiculous in my eyes maybe someone can elaborate. P.S. If anyone has an Encinitas, G&S, or Vintage egg they'd like to sell thats similar I'd be interested.
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    SOLD Greg Liddle 7'8 1970s

    Greg Liddle Hull SOLD 7'8 x 21.5 x 3 Slightly pulled in template. Pinched rails all around with a beautiful tail and slight vee out the back. Fully redone and flushed out watertight ready to ride. Board number 1810 shaped by Greg. Fin is not included and is not a Greg Shaped fin.