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  1. Askthedust

    Fin recommendation 6’10 V Bowl

    Beyond stoked on scoring a used 6’10 V Bowl, curious of fin recommendations, mostly surf Jersey beach breaks.
  2. Askthedust

    WTB Mini Simmons (Size Recommendations) NJ-Found

    My local breaks here in the summer have been packed and sometimes longboard/midlength have just been a hassle, I was looking to buy a mini simmons board (prefer with glass on) for small/medium surf I have seen a couple on craigs and facebook but missed the boat. I was also curious on feedback on...
  3. Askthedust

    Weber Pig

    Saw this board on Craigslist looked interesting then read a thread on swaylocks where the user states “It is definitely a Guidance box, and most likely from 1970-71. I had a 5'9" Pig around that time. Worst board I ever owned.“ Just curious if anyone has any experience and if it was the...
  4. Askthedust

    7’4 Mitsven Bonzer For trade

    Hope everyone is staying safe, scored this board off @JBorbone a while ago and was my go to for the past year, right now have a little overlap in the quiver and it doesn’t get as much love looking to trade for a displacement Hull here on the east coast within the 6’4-7’0 range (can add cash...
  5. Askthedust

    What is your go to board during heavy surf

    Curious on what some of your go to boards are when the surf gets heavy. Surf Jersey in the winter and the right board selection can make the difference in critical surf. Looking for something now around 6’4-7’0 range