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  1. m8r

    Board Source Board Swap

    Classic Vet!!
  2. m8r

    Custom X Swim Fins - Size Small - Gone

    Jammers: I have a pair of Custom X swim fins in very good condition that my grom grew out of. I'd love to pass these along to another Jammer's family who can get some use out of them. They're great & comfortable fins. Price: FREE - Just pay for USPS shipping (probably $10-13ish) & they are...
  3. m8r

    SOLD: Ryan Burch Squits in New York

    These aren’t my dims, but Sick Sick Sick! G L W T S
  4. m8r

    WTB Fowler FOT 6'5"-7'

    PM sent my friend
  5. m8r

    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    Excellent update! Hang in there Howard!!
  6. m8r

    5’11 Mandala quad fish

    W O W! That looks like a rocket!! Great deal too.
  7. m8r


    D: All of the above!
  8. m8r

    Ryan Burch Parallelogram in Brooklyn New York

    Hubba hubba! Wow Brent - insane!
  9. m8r

    what are people listening to today?

    I've been spinning this collection on vinyl for several months now. It is exceptional. Enjoy!
  10. m8r

    Your favorite surfboard and why?

    Great thread and stories - kudos to Smukes for kicking this off & sharing, and to our UK brother Planktom for reminding us, "They (surfboards) are vehicles for connection to the important stuff - the waves, the travel etc." 1. Vintage Longboards to Slow Down & Find The Flow 1964 9'6" Hobie...
  11. m8r

    How to loosen a quad setup?

    Bravo Bruce! Sincere thanks for sharing your quad knowledge & experiences!!
  12. m8r

    Sold The what?

    Lots of good, fun boards floating around in NC. Hold off & keep your options open. It'll work out.
  13. m8r

    Assistance Requested - Los Angeles Zone

    Thanks everyone for the offers & suggestions. I've got everything lined up. Aloha
  14. m8r

    Board storage help needed LA/Glendale/Pasadena

    Stoked that this came together. Here @ Jamboards, where there's a will, there's a way!
  15. m8r

    Sold: 9.10 Vintage Hansen Powerflex Longboard

    This Vintage Hansen Powerflex will soon haunt the waters of Santa Cruz! Thanks to everyone who reached out. Aloha
  16. m8r

    Sold: 9.10 Vintage Hansen Powerflex Longboard

    Any Jammers in the LA area who might be able to store this Hansen for a week or two until @garagefull can come down to pick it up? Thanks everyone!