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    Trade feeler: Osprey Demon Pin

    Just don't find myself riding this one enough, figured I'd put some trade feelers out to see if anything grabbed my eye before I decide what to do with it. Interested in trades 9'6+. Just scraped 'er down, there's a pressure near the nose on the side/top of the rail (tried to get a pic of it...
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    Camping nearish the beach in NH, Maine area

    Am in the middle part of the country with the ultimate destination the New England area for 2 or so weeks to do some research for a project I'm working on (read as: checking out breweries). As I've never been to the area was hoping folks had some recommendations for camping nearish the beach...
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    Good sellers list

    Figure time to spread some positivity in here, starting a good sellers list. Hopefully mods (are there any?) will pin this and the bad sellers list to the top of the forum so folks have a resource to see folks worth doing (or not doing...) business with. I'll try to update this first post with...
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    WTB: Perlee Frankenspud or similar, and a glider

    Looking like I may take a campsurf roadtrip to CA for my bday here in the next few weeks. Figure if so I'd like to grab a board or two while there. Would love to find a Perlee Osprey, Frankenspud, etc. as well as a glider (Chris Craft, mitsven, whatever). Lemme know what you've got! Thanks.
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    Superchunk or ASQ rocker pics

    About to shape my 2nd board and want to do a take on a Mandala Superchunk/ASQ. Was hoping some of you that owned one had a rocker andor bottom contour pic or two you could post for me. Can find plenty of pics of the outline but am getting Google goose eggs on rocker pics. Thanks!
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    Rental cars/roof racks

    Curious if anyone has been to Hawaii lately, and if so what they did for board racks on their rental car. Can obviously bring a soft rack, but those seem to scratch every car I've ever used 'em on so not ideal. Thanks for any advice/input.
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    FS: Bing x Rick Modern Pig

    A non-Jammer buddy that has similar boardwhorish ways to many of us is starting to downsize his collection. Info on the first of many to come up for sale below (caps lock courtesy of him, not me, I'm just cutting and pasting :?). He is located in Long Beach, if interested message me and I'll...