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  1. Gorf

    Looking for my Liddle Pathfinder

    Ha ha. In all seriousness, I do have it. Love it. Surf it all the time. If I ever let it go - I can reach out to you first.
  2. Gorf

    Looking for my Liddle Pathfinder

    This one?
  3. Gorf

    LTB 7’10-8’2 Andreini Serena

    But deep down, you really know you want an 8’8…
  4. Gorf

    Andreini Serena 8’8 - trade bait

    Looking to trade for a Vaquero Serena is in great shape. A-Flex fin. Stock 8’8 dimensions - originally off the rack at the Beach House. Open to a fairly wide range of Vaqueros sizes. DM me if this interests you and let me know what you got. Prefer his stock dimensions or more foiled customs to...
  5. Gorf

    WTB: Aloha Racks 60s/70s
  6. Gorf

    WTB: 7’4”-7’7” CI Mid

    (Devon Howard + waist high right hand point + literally any board) x Internet = sales
  7. Gorf

    WTB: Tyler Warren Pivot, Apocalypse or Similar Fin

    I have a 10" army green Apocalypse. I'll DM ya.
  8. Gorf

    Takayama DT2

    Mainly single. I surfed it both ways for a bit at first, but preferred the feel of a single.
  9. Gorf

    Takayama DT2

    This is mine...File under: Things I’ll probably regret selling some day. I’m not sure what a fair price for anything is anymore.
  10. Gorf

    Manzanita Oregon

    Cleanline shop in Canon Beach 10 miles north. Shortsands/Oswald State Park for surf. Cleanline will get you fully dialed.
  11. Gorf

    Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits

    Feral! The wetsuit to rule all wetsuits. Well worth the upgraded price. Warm. Light. Stretchy. Durable. Dries like it’s in a time machine.
  12. Gorf

    WTB Flying Diamonds Revival fin

    Unfortunately not selling, but I can confirm your doing the right thing. I have one in a 9’6 DT2 and looooove it.
  13. Gorf

    What fin are you running in your Pathfinder?

    I’ve got a 10’6 Pathfinder with a 10” GL Flex fin that I bought from @sk8thom just over a month ago. He bought the board at the Del Mar show, and said that’s the fin Kirk P had in it. For a “glider”, it struck me as a lot of fin - before surfing it. I pictured giving it a go then swapping out...
  14. Gorf

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Seller’s phone.
  15. Gorf

    Andreini Stoke

    Hey Rick - about how wide is that bad boy? Thanks!