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    WTB: 9.5" GL Flex Fin

    located in CA
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    WTB: Liddle Pathfinder

    Looking for a Liddle Pathfinder in the 10' range on the west coast.
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    Christenson Bandito?

    I went into Beach House today and they had a Bandito on the used rack that was never waxed. It was too good of a deal to pass up so I brought it home. Any body on here spent any time with one?
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    WTB: Beamish Twin in the 6'6"-7' range

    Looking for a beamish twin. Located in Santa Barbara.
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    WTB: Davenport Noserider or The Thing

    Looking for a Davenport Nose Rider or the Thing model under 10'. Figure I would put up a wanted ad before I put in an order. Located in Santa Barbara but I'll be driving to San Deigo in the next couple weeks.
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    FT: 9’ Andreini Serena W/ owl logo

    I bought this board from Newport Logger recently. It’s an amazing board but I always find myself picking up my standard vaquero. Wanted to put it up for trade and see what else is out there. It’s in great shape I only rode it a couple times. The picture is from the ad when I bought it. I’ll get...
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    WTB: Cooperfish Foil 3

    Looking for a Foil 3 in California. I know, so is everyone else but hoping for a Christmas miracle. I have a cash and can pick up.
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    FS/FT: Cooperdesign MF, EC, Andreini

    I have a few boards im offloading. Located in Santa Barbara but I work in LA so I can meet anywhere between those two. -10' Cooperdesign Malibu Foil shaped by I believe Calvani. I bought it from a member on the board a few years ago and used it occasionally. Has standard heel dents in the deck...
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    For Trade: 10'0" Cooperdesign Malibu Foil

    I have a 10' Cooperdesign Malibu Foil that isn't getting much use. Calvani shaped this one. I picked it up on the forum a couple years ago. I love the board but I've got a 9'8" MF too so ones got to go. Its in fair to good shape. Its got a few small cracks along the rails and some heel dents on...
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    FS/FT: 7'4" Lovelace V. Bowls & 7'9" Andreini Special K

    7'4" Lovelace V. Bowls Pintail. Im the second owner and it has been ridden very little. Has one scratch on the bottom towards the nose from the rocks at rincon and a few very very minor knicks. No major repairs or issues. Comes with Lovelace fin $750 7'10" Andreini Special K. I picked it up on...
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    WTB: Cooperfish Malibu Foil

    Looking for a Coop Malibu Foil or possibly another coop log in the 9'6" - 10' range. I am in SB but willing to drive for the right board.
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    Lovelace V Bowls 7'2" $750 SB/LA area

    Selling my 7'2" V Bowls. Its a white top and magenta bottom. Its in killer shape and has no dings and very few heel dents. I live in Santa Barbara but work in LA so I can meet anywhere in between. Send me your number and ill text some photos over. The only trade ill entertain is for a cooperfish.
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    Wanted: Andreini Serena or Vaquero SB/LA

    Looking for an Andreini Serena or larger Vaquero. Im in the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Area often. Let me know if your willing to part with one