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  1. WillieP

    More fins

    1. 6.5” TK Flex. Never been used. $30 w/shipping. 2. 6.0” RFC R Rake Bamboo. Never been used. $30 w/shipping. Sold 3. 6“ RFC Mini Flex. Never been used. $30 w/shipping. 4.0. RFC Rusty Flex. Never been used. $30 w/shipping. Sold
  2. WillieP


    1. 8” Rainbow Michel Junod. Brand new, never been used. $35 w/shipping 2. 7.5 Captain Fins Brothers Marshall. Never been used. $30 w/shipping. 3. 7” RFC Rake. Excellent condition. $25 w/shipping
  3. WillieP

    Fins 10” and 9”

    1. 10” Fins Unlimited Noserider. 1996 fin. Very good condition. Lots of scratches but used very little. $40 w/shipping. SOLD 2. 10” 4a template. Good condition. Has one “ding on back edge. $30 w/shipping. Will sell for $15 with fin 1 above. 3. 9” Canvas Dolphin. Brand new. $45...
  4. WillieP

    Fins 8.5” Josh Hall, 8” Josh Hall, and Frye 7.5” SOLD

    1. 8.5” Captain Fins Josh Hall XT Moeski. Brand new, never used. $40 w/shipping. 2. 8” North Shore Fins Josh Hall. Excellent condition. $40 w/shipping. 3. TA 7.5” Skip Frye. Brand new, never used. $50 w/shipping.
  5. WillieP

    Fins: 8-1/4” A Flex and 8” Christenson Tracker SOLD

    1. 8-1/4“ Rainbow A Flex. Excellent condition. $45 w/shipping. SOLD 2. 8’ Captain Fins Christenson Tracker. Excellent condition. $40 w/shipping. SOLD
  6. WillieP

    Fins, Greenough Power Blade, Stage 6, Greg Noll SOLD

    1. 8.5“ TA Greenough Power Blade. Brand new, never used. $150 or best offer. Price includes shipping. 2. 9” TA Greenough Stage 6. Brand new, never used. $50 w/shipping. 3. 10.5” Futures Greg Noll Da Cat. Very good condition. $50 w/shipping.
  7. WillieP

    10.5” Fins

    1. 10.5” red fin. Not sure who made it. Very good condition, scratches only. Purchased it in 1992-1994 timeframe. $35 w/shipping. 2. 10.5” NVS Ola. Very good condition. $30 w/shipping.
  8. WillieP

    10’6” Mandala Hunter Seeker $975 (Sold)

    10’6” Hunter Seeker (glider hull), 23-1/4 x 3-1/4”, opaque tint, 9.5/10 minor pressure dents on deck and small ding on rail. This board rides good but really wants a point break wave which we don’t have. I rode this with a 8.75” A flex or a 9” Liddle.
  9. WillieP

    9’5” McVee $950 Sold

    9’5” McVee, 23” x 3-1/4”, opaque tint, sanded gloss finish. 9.5/10 condition. No dings, minor pressure dents on deck. This board rides great. It is was replaced in the quiver by a 9’2” Mitsven Gypsy. Need to get it to a good home. Includes the 9.75” fin it came with. I can help get it...
  10. WillieP

    10’ Rick UFO $900 (SOLD)

    10’ Rick Noserider shaped by Calvani, 23-1/4“ x 3-1/4”, resin tint, gloss and polish, almost new condition. Awesome reproduction of a classic surfboard. This is Foster’s (SC Surf) beauty and it is a little too much board for him. $1500 new. $900.
  11. WillieP

    11’1” Thick Lizzy Glider $1050

    11’1” Thick Lizzy glider, 23-3/8” x 3-1/4”, resin tint with sanded gloss finish, deck and tail patch, 2+1 fins w/FCS boxes. Excellent condition, no dings. Rides great. Selling because of 3 other gliders and another on the way. Includes an 8.5” TA Lovelace volan fin.
  12. WillieP

    WTB 12’ Andreini Hippy Pin

    I know this is a stretch but wanted to check and see if there was one of these out there before I placed an order!!!
  13. WillieP

    12’ Ricky Carrol Skipper Glider Sold

    12’ Ricky Carrol Skipper, 23-1/2” x 3-1/2”, shaped by Ricky with Clark Foam blank. Excellent condition, no dings, minor pressure dents on deck. Rides great, just a little too wide and thick for me at 170 lbs. $1050.
  14. WillieP

    Sold 9’6” Ryan Lovelace Re Bowls Price Reduction $800 w/fin

    9’6” Ryan Lovelace Re Bowls, 22-5/8” wide x 3-1/8” thick, foiled rails, 6 oz glass bottom, double 6 oz glass deck, deck and tail patch, resin tint, sanded gloss finish. Mint condition, ridden 3 times no dings or pressure dents. This board was shaped by Ryan in NJ. Selling because I have too...
  15. WillieP

    11’2” MITSVEN EAGLE 23”x3-1/4” $850

    11’-2” Mitsven Eagle, 23”x3-1/4”, 6 oz glass bottom, 6 oz glass deck, 4 oz deck and tail patch, 2+1 fin box. Redwood wedge stringer. Resin tint, sanded gloss finish. Like new condition, no dings or shatters. Selling because I have too many gliders. $850 Jammer price.
  16. WillieP

    10’ Mitsven Egg

    10’ Mitsven Egg, 2 +1, 23-3/8” wide x 3-1/4” thick, excellent condition. No dings, pressure dents on top and repaired. Really versatile, fun board shaped by a master. Selling to accommodate new boards that overlap. $850.
  17. WillieP

    11’ Ricky Carrol Skipper glider

    11’ Ricky Carrol Skipper, 23” x 3-1/4” perfect condition, no dings, shatters, or dents. Works great in East Coast waves big or small. I have another RC Skipper almost identical and one has to go. $800 for Jammers.
  18. WillieP

    Tyler Super Chief For Sale

    11’ Tyler Super Chief, Signature Series, 23-1/4” x 3-1/4”, almost new condition, rode it 3 times. Just too heavy for me (28 lbs.). Tyler fin included. Board located in Charleston, SC. $1300.
  19. WillieP

    11’ Mitsven Magic Glider

    Mitsven Magic, 11’ x 23-1/2” x 3-1/4”. Excellent condition. No dings, a couple glass shatters and minor pressure dents. Gloss and polish. User friendly glider that works in East Coast surf. Have to sell due to severe glider addiction and can’t ride them all. Located in Charleston SC. I...