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    The board you've regretted selling most

    Homemade Simmons with 101 1/2 moon keels. Sold it for peanuts. Traded it back for a 6’9 fish blank.
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    Wavestorm Edge Project.

    Please post up flix. Would be fun(ny)
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    SOLD: 10'11 Josh Hall Fish Simmons

    While you surf we collect.
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    SOLD: 10'11 Josh Hall Fish Simmons

    Oh for crying out loud Stan. That is beautiful.
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    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread

    Hahaha yeah
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    WTB: Glider

    So nice.
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    6’0 Mandala Arctail Edge Board

    You guys are killing me. I want that board back... and more waves. stoked for ya
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    On the Edge of a Dream - Book and DVD

    Took forever to get shipped by them. Now for sale. $100. Located in Brooklyn, NY but will ship in the US. Shipping incl in the price. Great book. Great movie. Pretty much memorized it. Super inspirational surfing by Kidman (and Ellison). Minty condition. DM here or text with interest - 718...
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    I think the guy is just stumped by the board.
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    parabola is super foiled (like a Liddle) and the flattest rockered board he offers (very close to dead flat). More curve in the planshape than the clando. Both are wide point back. Parabola seems to be fitting for groundswell. i was not a fan of it in wind swell in east coast beach breaks. Took...
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    WTB Surfboard Dynamics by Mausse and Gross

    It really is. I mad e a book for my wife. Super fun and easy. high quality printing and binding. Not rocket science. I wish he would reconsider or give permission...
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    WTB Surfboard Dynamics by Mausse and Gross

    Well this might have to suffice in the meantime....
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    Fin for a Clandestino 8’6”

    Jealous. I have a 9' 4A waiting for a Clando...
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    Fin for a Clandestino 8’6”

    ^^ That's a Parabola. Also on CL. looks beautiful. Good CA board ^^
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    Let's talk about....burn out.

    Ouch. Mend well!
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    Fin for a Clandestino 8’6”

    Sorry Pete, none work. You'll have to sell me the board...
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    Post Your Quiver

    Dude you’ve got some gaps there. JK JK. Wow and wow.
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    EPS repair recommendations in and near NYC.

    Aegir- do solid repairs but nothing refined. Or color matched. They repaired my True Blue TPH and it came back with a purple repair. Classic blue pigment. Easy to do. And claimed they could do it. it was a solid repair. But not detailed. my carbon mandala didn’t make the trip without a...

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