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    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread

    im in for anything 7'2 - 9'0
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    Post Your Quiver

    that's basically a dream quiver for me. please let me know if you're ever wanting to sell...any of those! specifically any of the stamps :)
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    Post Your Quiver

    5'8 Stretch Super Buzz 6'0 Pyzel Phantom 6'6 Fowler Stoker V Machine 7'2 Bing Collector I need a log!
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    When Surfing is Unavailable...Coping

    definitely second the carver skateboard. got me through some dry spells and ended up helping out my surfing a lot
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    East Coast fish shapers

    Natures Shapes makes a great fish, as does Mayo, Wynn, Faktion
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    TRADED 9'0" Andreini Vaquero

    brutal. i dont think id ever be able to wait that long for a board.
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    TRADED 9'0" Andreini Vaquero

    that board would be perfect for me. I'd love to own an Andreini some day. I just can't do the 6 month wait thing. Feels like an eternity!
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    holy grail longboard? best all arounder?

    My dream boards are all mentioned here, so at least I know I'm on the right track. How does one even choose between a Bing, Jim Phillips, and Andreini Magic Sam?
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    Greenough 4-A

    what size 4A for a 7'2 bing collector?
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    Two cooperfish for trade

    if you ever decide to sell that comet, please let me know. name your price. ive wanted one for years and now i can actually afford one!
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    Big surf, far from beach, and a broken leash safety tips.

    i think its important to have a traumatic experience every now and then to keep us in check. I've had a leash snap on me in conditions that were definitely not right for me at the time, and it was a not-so-gentle reminder to know my limits and not "see how it goes when i get out there." We all...
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    Gift Exchange 2019

    id be in
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    5'6 Rainbow Speed Dialer
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    Longboard type for woman of small stature?

    my girlfriend is 5'3 and petite. she is very happy on her 9'0 x 22 1/8 x ???? it was custom made by an east coast shaper but size wise that may be a good starting point for you
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    A simpleton's problem this is a great mug
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    caught a few good ones on a new 7'2 Bing Collector yesterday evening. what a great board...
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    What’s on your wish list?

    9’0 Andreini Magic Sam 9’0 Mitsven modern classic Furrow California fish Probably a 6 month wait to get any of these :)
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    WTB: Josh Hall fish

    he truly does make a great fish, both traditional and long fish simmons
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    What are you driving?

    Off to Toyota today. Subaru I think is out, the Volvo XC60 was incredible but definitely on the upper end of the budget and lower end of cargo space. This thread has been really helpful thank you guys! Will keep you posted (not that you care :)