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  1. Dawnpatrol

    uh, spend much time waxing up..?

    Well ya might say I’ve tapped and waxed a few times. Up here in the PNW where the surf is few and far between we here have a lot of time on our hands.
  2. Dawnpatrol

    Tom Morey passes

    So true Bruce, the circle of life. What many here don’t realize is that Tom was not only a great innovator but a damn good surfer. Case in point, the year was 1987 and Tom had moved to the PNW. Story has it that he was consulting with Boeing on composites. That year was the first of many...
  3. Dawnpatrol

    uh, spend much time waxing up..?

    This person has a potential for tape ups and pinstriping. Wonder if he used Sticky Bumps or conventional wax?
  4. Dawnpatrol

    The Wozzle Malibu comp....

    Just stoked Hank Byzak is even mentioned here.
  5. Dawnpatrol

    What's all this hype on Crime?

    Well said Bruce! People in the Trades whether shapers (Glassers, Sanders too), steel/concrete guys, painters, tile layers, carpenters, hell the list is endless of folks who do yeoman work over the years have to be pragmatic to stay in business and keep their bodies intact. Many of which really...
  6. Dawnpatrol

    What's all this hype on Crime?

    As always Bruce great comments and insights into the industry. As for Crime, they have there niche I suppose? As far as Gliders, I'm old and like the length for early entry and paddle ease but have heard from some shapers that indeed the glider blanks are clumsy to handle and some shaping bays...
  7. Dawnpatrol

    what's on your reading list..?

    Another great read pertinent to you folks that live on the Right Coast is The Corps and the Shore by Orrin Pilkey. A must read for Peakmaster.
  8. Dawnpatrol

    Would you use a board reviews section on this site?

    Like it’s been said, the search tool is best use for reviewing models. If a review is to be done leave the Shaper out of it. Every Shaper has their expertise when it comes to models.
  9. Dawnpatrol

    What's all this hype on Crime?

    Well like Artz I'm an old guy and having looked at their Website that Glider looks fun. Seems every model is sold out so they must have a niche of followers. The website has no info on construction but claims the product will last awhile? I suppose the product is made in Southeast Asia with a...
  10. Dawnpatrol

    Huntington Beach oil spill

    If you are 70 years old or older, and still surf here, you’re pretty much fucked here and need a retirement plan to move elsewhere. Pretty much fucks up my surf plans for November. So, what the hell is the plan here folks? E-Bikes?
  11. Dawnpatrol

    Wall Hanging Surfboard photos please

    My first sled, circa 1955. Not on my wall but hanging out in the garden:
  12. Dawnpatrol

    Not Politics, Current Events...

    Used to make the hike into Sombrio back in the day with the hippie shacks on the beach. When I heard about the cut and the fact you could almost drive down to the beach I never went back. It would spoil the fine memories of a special place.
  13. Dawnpatrol

    Now on Hulu: The Ultimate Surfer

    Hahaha . Hey Chilly, I was awaiting for someone to bring this up on the Forum. I’ll admit to recording the spine tingling and suspenseful episodes but like most, unreality shows are not my thing, my channel is usually stuck on PBS. I fast forwarded on the wave which kinda fascinated me. The...
  14. Dawnpatrol

    San Onofre

    That’s right but back in the day Little Al and Nedsurf just told me to look for the abandon shithouse with four doors in front of the break. LOL
  15. Dawnpatrol

    What board have you got coming..?

    A modified 10’ Cluster V from Steve. P/U light glass. Just arrived so haven’t taken it for a test drive.
  16. Dawnpatrol

    What do you do when you’re surfed out?

    Doesn’t happen in the PNW!
  17. Dawnpatrol

    Vernor Tree Hugger

    Just the mention of hipsters turned me off to the board.
  18. Dawnpatrol

    what are people listening to today?

    The Missing Years by John Prine.
  19. Dawnpatrol

    what's on your reading list..?

    Squeeze Me by Carl Hiaasen
  20. Dawnpatrol

    knee riding who's doing it, what are you riding?

    Indeed RI, the beauty is getting barreled on 2' waves and no backside! A number of my regular footed friends in the early 70's opted to change over from their short boards to kneemachines for a reeling left point break where they could face square into the barrel. As far as an earlier question...