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  1. Zeke27G

    Found: 8ft Crime Stubby!

    When I walked in a few minutes after they opened on Friday ( the day after they posted the boxes and boxes of Crime boards on their IG) it wasn't but a few minutes after I had my grubby mitts on that 8' Stubby, that several other dudes had walked in and were either working deals or calling their...
  2. Zeke27G

    Vintage 66ish G&S Log

  3. Zeke27G

    Found: 8ft Crime Stubby!

    Scooped up an 8’0” Crime Stubby at Icons on Friday. They got a pretty good sized mixed batch of them in, if any of you are lookin’ for one?
  4. Zeke27G

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal) Cal sucks, he beat me to this board over a year ago. It was listed for $375, which is a little high for the condition I'd say, but you gotta love a vintage sled with an original Newport Beach license sticker! My plan was to fix the...
  5. Zeke27G

    WTB: Mid Length for Clydesdale!

    Long Beach…have cash, will travel!
  6. Zeke27G

    WTB: Mid Length for Clydesdale!

    Thank you, but I'll definitely need more than 3-1/4" of foam....probably more like 3-1/2" minimum!
  7. Zeke27G

    WTB: Mid Length for Clydesdale!

    So normally I ride vintage or traditional logs over 10', but I've got some long time friends, who want me to join them when it's overhead and they're riding their 2-5/8" thick potato short boards?!! I'm looking for something between 8' and 8'6", with lots of foam to float a 6'2" 250lb...
  8. Zeke27G

    Ramsey Jay for sale

    Message sent.
  9. Zeke27G

    Found: 8ft Crime Stubby!

    Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately Adam only has 8' Stubby's on order.
  10. Zeke27G

    G&S 60s, 9'7" - $550

    Nice sled! Length?
  11. Zeke27G

    Longboard finds - not deals

    What's hiding under the bottle cap on the tail of the Edwards? Sure wish that Hyson had a glassed on red fin!
  12. Zeke27G

    1972 Camper Truck

    Bitchin' rig!!
  13. Zeke27G

    Crime Stubby reviews?

    Thanks for the review nineohtoo!
  14. Zeke27G

    Crime Stubby reviews?

    If the reviews lead me to believe it'll work for the intended application, we'll have our hands on one before the end of summer.
  15. Zeke27G

    Crime Stubby reviews?

    How "hull" like are the Crime Stubby's? Would it be possible for a pint sized grommie to use one like a log? Or is the nose rocker too flat? Any feedback is much appreciated!
  16. Zeke27G

    Hi I'm a kook I'll buy anything

    Go see Cal…
  17. Zeke27G

    Found: 8ft Crime Stubby!

    Anyone holding? Or know of any shops with stock? Called Mollusk, no dice. Called Crime direct, no answer. Thanks for any help or leads!
  18. Zeke27G

    Looking to rent boards in maui

    A couple years ago we rented boards from "Maui Mike's Beach House". They were very reasonable with their prices and flexible with their pick up and return times. Address: 126 Hinau St, Lahaina, HI 96761 Email: [email protected]