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  1. Will Hutchison

    DRD4 10.25” Creature Fin For Sale

    Used three times- beautifully well made. I had to sand it a bit to fit it into the fin box. I flipped the board I got it for. Surfer’s Journal for some scale, mag not included. DRD4 10.25” Creature Fin For Sale- $90. Shipping within US is included.
  2. Will Hutchison

    Couple of Questions About Vintage 1976 Rick

    Apologies for this thread, as it’s not exactly a board that’s for sale, but this is the place to get answers from mostly trusted sources! Any help would be appreciated. The fin & box: Any suggestions for getting the fin to fit in the box? It’s far too loose, even with regards to Larry...
  3. Will Hutchison

    Rubber Soul Surfboards

    Does anyone have any experience with this brand out of Oceanside, CA: Rubber Soul Surfboards? (Didn't someone make a Revolver model? Never enough Beatles, eh?) There's a couple of eggs for sale on CR, and the guy seemed straight up when I contacted him. I was just wondering what this group might...
  4. Will Hutchison

    Puerto Rico in late June

    Aloha all! My wife's friend is getting married in Puerto Rico in late June, we're going, does anyone have any advice on the place for me? I'd like to surf, but mainly want to stay in nice place. Please share anything that might be helpful! Mahalo!
  5. Will Hutchison

    FS: 8’6” Donald Brink Grand Hull SOLD

    Really clean vbowls-esque mid length. A really smooth, ball bearing back foot, feel in the pocket, super easy to whip through arcing turns with speed. Recently tuned up at Roper’s. $450
  6. Will Hutchison

    SWAPPED- 8’6” Chocolate Fish "Billy" V-bottom (Not a fish)

    8’6” Chocolate Fish Billy V-bottom (Not a fish). Very slight v on a wide tail, really flat rocker with mild rails throughout. Fin not included. One repaired ding. Normal, very light pressures in the deck. Fun little longboard that catches waves and turns easily. This is the house brand label...
  7. Will Hutchison

    FS: Yucca Fins, Large
  8. Will Hutchison

    WTB: Andreini McVee or Fineline Hot Generation

    Andreini McVee or Fineline Hot Generation wanted.
  9. Will Hutchison

    WTB: Handplane

    Looking for a wooden handplane. I surf a lot of closeouts.
  10. Will Hutchison

    Rinse Kits

    Anyone have any recommendations for one of those portable shower/rinse off kits?
  11. Will Hutchison

    Beware: Car Stolen from Scripps

    Aloha All, After a very good session on my surf mat on Tuesday afternoon, I returned to where I'd parked my car 45 minutes earlier along the southbound side of La Jolla Shores Drive in front of Scripps Institution, at the top of the stairs. No car there. Disappointing and frustrating, as well...