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    free stuff + upcoming swap event (Maine)

    Black Dakine leash claimed, only the yellow FCS and Michale Dolsey leashes left for leashes.
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    free stuff + upcoming swap event (Maine)

    FCS and neon creatures leash spoken for.
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    free stuff + upcoming swap event (Maine)

    HangAir dryer thingy is claimed.
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    free stuff + upcoming swap event (Maine)

    fins, creatures blue knee leash are claimed.
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    free stuff + upcoming swap event (Maine)

    bunch of leashes churchill fins (small, really small) gloves all small nose guards HangAir thingy, needs new plug, this one got salt corrosion FREE, just pay shipping. Also - bumping my buddy's event for the locals. Board & art swap with some music and films coming up THIS SATURDAY . Should be...
  6. cpg

    SOLD: 8’0 Liddle Bojorquez

    @cuda I spoke with on them 3 weeks ago about placing a new order, getting details etc. Sent in my order for 3 boards last week and asked for deposit instructions but haven't heard back yet tho.
  7. cpg

    FS FT 8'6 Liddle Designs Super Smoothie

    beauty. Did you like the super smoothie in this size?
  8. cpg

    Board Shipping: San Diego to New York

    exactly - its a multi board thing which is why people post here to try and get another buyer/shipper to split costs.
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    Board Shipping: San Diego to New York

    Dolly does most of the shipping for one-offs and some smaller shaper shops. process is to ask her for a quote and it will reflect the transport cost plus fuel surcharge plus a bunch of other charges (see below for an example of a recent request I put in for Maine delivery) there are a few...
  10. cpg

    Davenport Tatsou Special 9’2” - SOLD

    sold to a great gal who lives on a boat and is sailing it to Panama. Dreamland.
  11. cpg

    Kirk / MPE intel

    this is great. thanks @Dom_Minh_O
  12. cpg

    Kirk / MPE intel

    anyone got first hand knowledge of Kirk's new MPE line? I like the look of the wildcat model (somewhere between a HotGen and Baby V). Heard they are CNC with a scrub which is fine for my needs. Ride reports and fondle impressions welcome.
  13. cpg

    SOLD 9’4” Borbone Bryde

    @shadydave ...let Dolly make your dream come true.
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    TRADED: 6’10 Liddle Death Machine

    dig the spray.
  15. cpg

    7'6 bag 23" wide

    Found the perfect bag for Liddle DM plan shape. Wide nose, narrow tail. Still got fin issues, but the fin jack works great, so all good.
  16. cpg

    G&S 60s, 9'7" - $550

    Tatsou Takei told TSJ last month that it is the best board he has ever had. Also comments on weight.
  17. cpg

    G&S 60s, 9'7" - $550

    bump $ 550....gotta make room for a new addition.
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    Birdwell Britches lined jacket size L

    Navy cotton with lined inside + pocket lining. Nice weight. Size tag is worn so can't really see it but I would guess a large. Kinda baggy fit so you can wear a hoody or whatever under it. 27.5 neck to bottom 35 inch center neck to sleeve tip 25.5" across chest Non smoking home. $95 shipping...
  19. cpg

    G&S 60s, 9'7" - $550

    Hehe. You may have met your match with this one. ISO resin and mahogany stringers for long lasting effect.