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    San Onofre

    ah that is where i surf all the time! i thought it was just the vague area in between old mans and the point, did not know it had a name. I feel like the current many times funnels me into that area and instead of paddling back to where i started a just go with the flow and wait for waves...
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    San Onofre

    where is 4 doors? trail 4? the point and old mans are classic socal longboard spots.. and they can both be excellent
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    Building a Paipo?

    what does the cut channel above the graphic do? I see the other board has one as well. Is it a grip for the hand?
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    Building a Paipo?

    I am thinking i might build my own first like this. Just a flat piece of marine ply like you said. See how it works. Then give my carpenter buddy some input and he can make something more fancy. what size do you ride in a flat plywood board? I am 5'10" 170lb
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    Building a Paipo?

    yes it seems that more float would be better and would not kill the speed nor vibe. I watched a video of john wegner building one, he sandwiches in a layer of EPS foam between 2 layers of paulowina for extra float. going down the internet rabbit hole of prone surfing now... so much fun info...
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    Building a Paipo?

    My good friend is a master carpenter. I showed him some videos of people riding Paipos and he wants to build us a couple. Is there a definitive website or book that shows how to design? Google search pulled us few different sources that are all just pieces of the overall puzzle. looking...
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    What do you do when you’re surfed out?

    i have yet to be surfed out. I find either work travel or a weekend full of kids related activities forces a few days off here and there. I am on a broadcast job in San Francisco for 8 days so no surfing for 8 days and i missed all that good swell. Prior to arriving i surfed 9 days straight...
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    Cities to Surf and raise a family in that are somewhat affordable?

    Have you guys seen the Pacasso thing? Its basically a time share app. More of the same degradation of actually trying to build a community.
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    9'6" Yater Spoon FS

    sending you a dm
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    wow dude that is hard core. Praise to you for working in the hospitals right now.
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    In search of the ultimate cruiser

    The Torq funboard total dud in all ways. I thought hey its cheap and good to throw in the car on a beach day with kids...opposite of fun The others i should not actually call duds, but like your howard mini were designed ( intentional or maybe unintentional ) for bigger better waves... the 3 i...
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    In search of the ultimate cruiser

    i really like the roy sanchez boards. I have an 8' x 22" x 2 7/8" pintail single fin called the dreadnought glider. It works in 2 foot mush up to overhead. It paddles fast, catches waves easily, turns well, and is fast down the line. It would be my 1 board quiver if i had to choose from...
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    Anyone ride a Bing Pocket Knife?

    Well this would be my first log i have owned that is a dedicated Noserider. After 3 sessions on it in a variety of waves i dont think its my thing. My review is this. -Paddles medium fast. -Medium heavy -well made / glassed well -easy to pivot turn -Catches waves very easily. Has a...
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    WTB - Bing Pocket Knife

    I have a 9’6” bing pocket knife. Just bought it used last week. I actually think I want something longer. I can send photos it’s in great shape. I paid $800 which is a great price. So I would want that for it. I live in Oceanside.
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    FS Zeph Carrigg Indy Noserider 9'5

    i like this one as well! sent you a text
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    FS Mandala Superchunk 6'4 SOLD

    dude lets talk... maybe some trade toward the CJ... will send you a text
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    Favorite “midlengths”?

    Currenly really liking my Eric Christenson Freeride.. mine is 7'8"x 21.5". Sleek and speedy egg. I am also a fan of the roy sanchez midlengths.
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    If you were to order a brand new noserider today, what would you get?

    I am recently curious about EC / Eric Christenson noseriders. I had a 8'6" super sled that was fun but too small for my needs. I also have been riding a freeride egg and i love it... on both boards the rail design / foil is to my liking.... also he seems somewhat affordable and accessible.
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    Like New 9'8" Bing Levitator

    no he is in MB in south los angeles california
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    Anyone ride a Bing Pocket Knife?

    I have 2 little kids so many times my life is both upside down and backwards! Sort of a constant spin cycle in the white wash!!! :) want to get like 5 sessions on it before i report on it

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