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    Lovelace F|M

    Any Jammers out there riding one of these? The model has only been out for about a year and is described as a cross between a vBowls and a Thick Lizzy resulting in a HP middy. I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on one but already own a 7’8” VB and a 7’10” TL - I’m a little concerned that...
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    Thick Lizzy Side Bites

    Just got my 7’10” from Ryan and will be running a Lovelace 8.5” volan center fin. I’m curious what you Lizzy owners are using for your side runners. If you’re using the Bonzer 5 bites, are you running the 2.37” or 2.75”? Any advantage to the hexacore fins over the regular fiberglass fins? Do you...
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    7’0” Dewey Weber Feather Fastback

    Great condition. 7’0”x22 5/8x3 3/8. I’m not gonna say that I surfed it less than 5X like all the CL ads (I haven’t counted) but it has had minimal water time. Board is in Santa Cruz area. $550

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