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    **SOLD**FS Hydrophile Margin Walker 10"

    It's in damn good condition, no rock kisses. $85 Shipped.
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    WTB Takayama Model T or similar nose rider log in RI

    Looking to buy or trade for 9'8"or 9'10"ish single fin log. Does not have to be mint. Might have a desirable trade in the glider category. Bings also come to mind. I have a few piggy shapes, want something wider up front for the tiny days. Figure I would see what is out there before looking...
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    WTB: Takayama Pig 9'4"

    Noah runs the Takayama factory, cool dude. [email protected]
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    FS Wayne Rich Harmonic Fin

    10" Harmonic, excellent condition. $75 shipped, $65 pick up in RI?
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    WTB - Parish wide base 6.5 or 7

    No worries, just figured I would throw out the offer :)
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    WTB - Parish wide base 6.5 or 7

    I have a red 7.5. I realize it's not 6.5 or 7 lol
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    FS Hydrophile 10" Bullitt

    Based off the Harmonic but more sept back. I like, I don't love it. No rash. Would swap for a 10.5 Volan 4A or a Hydrophile made similar. $85 shipped to the lower 48. Or meet in RI. Thanks!
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    PM on the Arenal
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    Solved: Rev Balance board

    I'm in RI, I have an Indo board not being used, you are welcome to it!
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    The board you've regretted selling most

    He sure is, I just ordered a totally custom log from him. Thought about another HP Dialer as well but i'm 10 years older now, maybe have him lake a longfish (6'6") version at some point. Send him a DM on Instagram, tell him Surfy_RN sent you. He can shape anything and does it well!!!
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    The board you've regretted selling most

    3 boards: all shaped by Ian Zamora mico sim, HP Dialer, and HP keel. They worked insane and I didn't know what I had at the time. ugh The dialer I surfed until it was dented, dinged and delaminated at least.
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    Hobie Mini Legacy

    Basically a shrunken down glider, a full on trim machine. Super fun and way versatile. You can find the pocket on most waves. If you can request, have Michael Arenal shape it!!! If you are looking for something glider-esque in a smaller package I think you'll be stoked!!!
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    Where are all the Hobies?

    '66 bought from the old surf shop at the pier in Narragansett which would later become the Watershed!!
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    6'0" Arenal winged pin

    No it’s at RI Surf Co on consignment. I don’t think he’s posted it yet. Interested? Jammers price $600. Would also trade for an egg around 6'10"-7'2" single or single with side bites.
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    6'0" Arenal winged pin

    6'0" x 20.75' x 2.75" Single fin with side bites. Great board unfortunately have some shoulder funk and can't surf my shorter boards.
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    Wanted: Small futures sidebites, and a 6 or 7" center fin

    I have a 7" 4A and a 7.5" Parrish. I think I have a 7.5" 4A too. Both work great in my eggs, I like them more than the Bonzer center fin shshsh ;)
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    WTB: Pavel and Lis Fish

    I have a 5'8" Speed dialer located in RI. I love love it but I've been surfing my eggs so much I figure I should pass it on.

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