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  1. ToddsontheNose

    FS: Fins

    Both custom from Brad Heath, both Volan with polish finish, no tint. Paid $120 each to my door. $100 shipped. 9.5 Stage 3. Like new other than small rash on leading edge. Surfed maybe 3 times. Custom sized 9.25 Liddle. As new, I think I surfed it twice.
  2. ToddsontheNose

    FS: Boards

    Bought a camper shell for my truck… trying to offset the cost. Local pickup in Encinitas. 7’6” Wegener Almost Gentleman. Picked this up the other week, but oh well. One pro repair by nose. One ugly home repair from previous owner. One spot taped up. Colored foam. $Sold 5’8 Hank Warner Fish...
  3. ToddsontheNose

    WTB: 8.5 Volan Skip Fin

    Long shot… Condition doesn’t matter. Thank you!
  4. ToddsontheNose

    Stuff For Sale

    9’6 DanO Pig. $475 for all of you. Vissla gloves and booties. $55 for the set.
  5. ToddsontheNose

    WTB: 5’10-6’ Fish Board Bag PLZ

    Looking for some protection. If you have something that will work please let me know :) Thanks!
  6. ToddsontheNose

    FS: 5’8 Creatures Shortboard cover, NWT

    Picked this up recently for $80. For some reason I thought the ad said it was for a fish. I didn’t bother looking at it closely. Made the deal then later found out my error. I’ll take a $10 idiot’s penalty. So, $70 is what I’d like. New, with tags. Here is the link to the Creatures website...
  7. ToddsontheNose

    Fins for sale

    SOLD. 9.75” Volan 4A. Used once, like new with sleeve. $100 9” DT Noserider (?, I may be wrong). Excellent, one small chip on tip. $45 Pickup in Encinitas. Thanks.
  8. ToddsontheNose

    FS: 9’6” DanO Pig

    Purchased a little less than a month ago. I really enjoy how stable it is on the nose, and it turns surprisingly well. Originally got it as a gift for my brother but he doesn’t want it. Colors aren’t for him. Or for me, really.... Here is the original ad: Check out this item on OfferUp...
  9. ToddsontheNose

    FS: 6’6” Andreini Vaquero Edge As the ad says... priced at a “I don’t want to sell” price. But I don’t use it. Full disclosure: THIS IS NOT A DEAL. Will include a 8.9” GG High Speed fin as provided by Marc for Jammers. Fin was...
  10. ToddsontheNose

    Trade Bait: 10’3” Vaquero

    Got this recently from @Ricksurfin but it’s just too much board for me. And it’s not winning me any friends at Swamis. *See Rick’s post below for measurements. Pictures are from Rick, but board is same condition. Board has some repairs but is 100% water tight. Notice scratch on left of nose...
  11. ToddsontheNose

    WTB: 9.75-10” True Ames 4A

    Volan preferred, but classy black also suitable. Thanks! Todd
  12. ToddsontheNose

    FS: Vintage Riders

    Plans changed. So these need to go. Bing is water-tight and ready to be surfed. Hansen needs some repairs before going in the water. Bing: Hansen...
  13. ToddsontheNose

    FS: 1980’s Channin

    Hey all, posting this for a friend. Board is in pretty good shape, all considered. The airbrushing is super cool. he has it posted for $250 on OfferUp... would like to get $200. let me know if you are interested and I can connect you with him. Thanks!
  14. ToddsontheNose

    FS: 5’10 Zippi Fish $220 Board has lots of pressures. Sun tan as you can see. Notice the lighter area where there used to be a pad. Bottom is fairly clean, some small pressures. Fins are in great shape. No repairs/none needed...
  15. ToddsontheNose

    8’ Ocean and Earth Board Bag - SOLD

    Acquired this literally 10 minutes ago. Was hoping to squeeze 8’2 in it but couldn’t. Bag is in good shape aside from the handle being broken. Zippers work. Paid $30 and hope to get that back. In Carlsbad. Thanks!
  16. ToddsontheNose

    FS: 7’0 Klaus Jones Dirt

    $650 for jammers.
  17. ToddsontheNose

    WTB: 8.25 A-Flex Fin

    Would love not to have to buy a new one... Thank you.
  18. ToddsontheNose

    FS: Patagonia Gen 1 Yulex LT R2

    $80 for Jammers. A little tight in the chest as the Gen 1 typically were. I normally wear a MT from Patagonia. Thanks.
  19. ToddsontheNose

    FS: 5'10" Lance Carson Mini Simmons

    $280 for Jammers. Has a couple of dings that need attention. Would be interested in using as partial trade + cash for 7' Vaquero or 8'6" Serena From Lance: "I’m just getting back to you...
  20. ToddsontheNose

    FS: 9’5” WindanSea “Panatella”

    9’5” x 23” x 3 1/4” shaped by Matt Bettis. A very fun, slightly heavy, noserider. Fast. Full Volan. Awesome knee patch. Partner’s old board. Have no use for a ‘spare’ board in our little place. Purchased new ~4 years ago. Has seen a lot of use. A few repairs over the years. All...

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