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  1. Sparky

    Practically new 7-4 Miller for sale

    This boards had only been surfed twice and is in perfect condition. I bought it new from birds a few months ago but I didn’t gel with it. FCS II and a single box. Asking $1,100
  2. Sparky

    Sell me your Glider

    10'6" - 11' ~$1,000 SD Shaper Willing to pick up from LA to SD Would prefer fin boxes but that isn’t a deal breaker if you don’t have one for sale but want to help my cause please say a little prayer because I know I’ll need it.
  3. Sparky

    Manzanita Oregon

    In August I am going to take a long weekend trip up to Oregon to visit family and introduce my little cousin to surfing. His mom and I are very enthusiastic about getting him in the water and I was hoping for some advice. Any advice on how to get a nine year old into surfing without over...
  4. Sparky

    Looking for specific Greenough

    I want to buy a purple 8" greenough 4a. Absolute hail mary Greenough 4-A Surf Fin by True Ames
  5. Sparky

    Pieter Pieburger and Tudor Egg for Sale

    The pieburger is a dirt dummy special that I will sell for what I got it for. I surfed the board a few times but didn’t gel with it. $400 I picked up this Tudor and need a little more foam for what I’m looking for. $650 Located in San Diego and not looking to ship at this time.
  6. Sparky

    Pieter Pie Burger for trade

    Picked this board up recently from here but my gangly ass body needs more board. I feel like a baby giraffe walking on ice after I pop up on this thing. Tons of foam - I just suck. I’m in north county and would be willing to drive almost anywhere in OC and SD. I’m most interested in gliders and...
  7. Sparky

    Good wave board for SD

    I recently relocated from the greatest state in the union to California and I am still working on rebuilding my quiver. Except for Blacks and a few other spots there is a big difference in shape when the waves get big here compared to New Jersey. What's your go-to "good wave" board for big days...
  8. Sparky

    Josh Hall, Larmo, Rozbern in NJ

    Link to Josh Hall $550 Josh Hall Fish For Sale | Jamboards Larmo Badger $450 7-2 x 21 x 2.75 2+1 Cedar Stringer 6oz deck w/ 6oz volan deck and fin patch Open ding on the nose Comes with day bag/ No fins Rozbern Duo $300 6-2 x 21 x 3 Duel fins Double Stringer Not sure of glass job No open dings...
  9. Sparky


    buy my josh hall and eat your greens
  10. Sparky

    Josh Hall Fish, Larmo Badger & Rozbern Duo

    $700 - New Jersey 6-10 Josh Hall Piseas fish in mint semi-opaque glass and 101 fins. I got this board back in July from the Board Source and brought it back to New Jersey. When I bought the board there was a color matched ding on...
  11. Sparky

    Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast

    Just like the title says my job is going to be taking me from New Jersey to San Diego. Fortunately I have a generous allowance to transport my belongings and I want to make sure my boards arrive in the best shape possible. After thinning my quiver I have the following boards I need to get over...
  12. Sparky

    WTB 10” Volan 4a

    I would prefer volan but I’ll take almost any of the colors they come in too. I’m in Southern California until I fly back home to NJ on the 30th.
  13. Sparky

    WTD Soft Racks in SoCal

    I’m looking to pick up a set of soft racks ASAP in Southern California. If you have a set that you’re willing to let go of please let me know and have a happy fourth!
  14. Sparky

    Blue Cheer, Gary Propper & Positive Force For Sale

    All three boards are for sale/ trade. Looking for 7'10"ish mid-length but will entertain anything. I am located in New Jersey and I am not willing to ship at this time. Positive Force 8'2" $350 Blue Cheer 6'9" $300 Garry Propper 9'6" (no fin) $600 Link to Positive Force pictures...
  15. Sparky

    WTB FCS II Fins

    Figured I should try here before buying new. I need a new set of FCS II fins after snapping my old set. Looking for a large thruster set up but would consider a 5 fin.
  16. Sparky

    WTB Surfboard Rack

    I want to buy a rack to mount an old heavy longboard on my wall horizontally. If anyone has a set theyre not using or can suggest some sturdy reliable ones I would appreciate it. Thank you
  17. Sparky


  18. Sparky

    WTB: Trimcraft Burner/ Lovelace Toob Shooter or Burner

    I figured I would reach out to everyone on here to help scratch my new surfboard itch. I want to buy a 6'8" Burner or Toob Shooter. Located in New Jersey but I am traveling to LA and SF from 2/5 to 2/15. As always, I appreciate everyone's help! P.S. Would prefer a quad burner :)
  19. Sparky

    Gary Propper and Rick UFO for sale/ trade

    Both boards are 9'6" and both are water tight. Unfortunately, I don't have the fin for the Hobie. Asking $700 for the Propper and looking to trade the Rick for a newer log. Located in Jersey Possibly adding a 6'8" Blue Cheer in the near future too. Thanks for looking
  20. Sparky

    WTB Movies

    I'm looking to buy any old VHS or DVDs you are willing to sell.

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