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    FT: 6’10” Vaquero for Baby V?

    I have a 6’10” Vaquero with moderate pressures on the deck and had a professional repair done on a bottom pressure just to be safe. Ideally looking for a 7’2” - 7’4” Baby V. Could be open to other sizes give or take a couple inches. I also have a 7’6” CC OG Flat Tracker I’d be willing to trade...
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    (SOLD) Ryan Burch 9’11” Log

    A bit too much board for me and I don’t trust myself with no leash loop. Looking to trade for other Burch midlength shapes or possibly something like a Cooperfish Speed Hull and could throw in cash either way. Have quiver gaps at around 9’ and 7’6” I am looking to fill. Great condition with just...
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    SOLD: 7’2” Fineline Egg

    Picked this up from another Jammer a few weeks back. Overlaps with some other boards I ride more frequently and have a couple new boards on the way. I paid $550 and selling for that. Located in Carlsbad.
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    Christenson Invisible Policeman thoughts?

    There has been great content shared in prior posts with thoughts on mp style hulls from the usual suspects. I was wondering if any jammers with experience on mp style hulls have tried a Christenson Invisible Policeman and would be willing to share your thoughts on the similarities and...
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    (FOUND) ISO: Andreini Serena (swap for vaquero?)

    Looking for a Serena and open to any size around 7’6” and up. Have some other Andreini’s I can swap: 7’0” Vaquero Edge, 7’2” Vaquero. Other boards I could put on the trade block and possibly throw cash in either way: 7’10” vbowls, 7’2” Fineline egg, 6’8” Alex Lopez tube shooter. shoot me a...
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    (Traded) Trade Bait: 7’ Vaquero Edge

    Had a lot of fun on this but looking to size down to a smaller vaquero, mp or similar around 6’6”. Interested in edge or non edge models and possibly non Andreini models as well. Located in Carlsbad.
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    TRADED 7’11” Josh Hall Fish Simmons FT

    Excellent condition JH Fish Simmons with glassed on fins that I lucked into and bought from another Jammer a few weeks back. Same condition as when I bought and original posting below. Rode it a bit and know that I won’t be riding it much going forward. A bit too long and enjoying some other...
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    Lizzy For Trade

    Have ended up with too much overlap in the quiver at 7’6 - 8’ so putting this 7’7” up for trade if you got something around 7’4”.
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    Clandestino vs Thick Lizzy/Haley Pin

    I saw this come up in another thread from a while ago but it was never answered. Who has experience with both? Does the Clandestino handle small waves better than a lizzy? Does the lizzy handle larger waves better than the clandestino? Is there room for 2 in the quiver? If you had to choose...
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    (Traded) Edge Board Swap?

    I have a 7’0” Vaquero Edge that I have enjoyed but curious to try other edge boards (mandala, furrow) shaped for north county sd breaks. Also randomly might be interested in a Josh hall egg with 2+1 or thruster setup. Let me know if you would be interested in a trade. I am located in Carlsbad.
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    WTB/WTT 7.75 Lovelace V Bowls fin

    Anyone have one not getting any use they would be willing to sell or trade? I have a few other singles I would be willing to trade as well and could add money if it’s volan. Located in Carlsbad. Some of what I have: 8.5 Frye, 8.5 CC Tracker, 8.0 4a, 7.5 Frye, 7.5 4a, bonzer side bites Thanks
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    FT: 11’0 Andreini Vaquero Glider - SOLD

    I grabbed this on a whim from OfferUp a few months ago and feel guilty because I haven’t used once. Ideally looking for a combination of board swap and $. I am trying to fill a gap in the quiver at around 8’0 and ideally would like to do that with a vbowls. Also might be open to something...
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    FT: Like New Trimcraft 7’10” Haley Pin for vbowls/rebowls - SOLD

    I just scored this from OfferUp last night and wanted to try out to see if I liked the extra size compared to my 7’7” Lizzy. After one session this morning I knew I preferred the 7’7”. Looking to prioritize a trade for a rebowls/vbowls (can add cash for vbowls) or maybe an Andreini shape. If...
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    Tyler Hairpin FT - SOLD

    I made a trade for this a month or 2 ago and have only ridden it twice in favor of other boards in the quiver. It is a single fin 8’0” hairpin that is beautiful to look at but isn’t getting much use. Excellent condition with no dings and only heel dents. I’ll try to answer any questions you have...
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    FT/FS 8’0” Travis Reynolds Stone Fruit

    I have an 8’0” Travis Reynolds Stone Fruit that is not getting much use. Very good condition with some pressures and a surface scratch on bottom deck that I tried to capture in picture. Looking for something a little more versatile that doesn’t need punchy surf. Interested in Andreini shapes...
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    WTB Andreini McVee

    Looking for a McVee and have missed out on a couple. Open to all sizes but would prefer 9’ or less. Also willing to trade for some standouts I have in the quiver: - 7’0 Josh Hall Quad Long Fish - 8’0” Travis Reynolds Stone Fruit - 9’2” Chris Christenson Flat Tracker 2.0 Can send pics for those...

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