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  1. Speak

    Greenough stage 3 anyone use?

    Hey everyone, Recently listened to that podcast with Matt Chojnacki where he talks about preferring a more upright fin like the stage 3 to the 4a in his widepoint back logs. I myself prefer more upright fins in general and never really clicked with the 4a in any board. Anyone have any...
  2. Speak

    How many wetsuits do you own?

    While thinking about buying another wetsuit; I looked in my closet and thought, do I have too many wetsuits already? I'm curious how many wetsuits you all have and how many is enough? My wetsuit quiver (Los Angeles) 1 x 4/3 2 x 3/3 3 x 3/2 1 x 2/2 1 x long arm spring 1 x short arm spring 1 x...
  3. Speak

    Mabile twinzer fish review?

    Hey everyone, I know a bunch of people on this forum have had a twinzer fish by Larry Mabile. I had a few questions on sizing it vs. a twin keel. From what I gather, he foils them a lot more and the tail is pulled in. Do you typically go longer than you would your traditional twin keel dims...
  4. Speak

    Glassing Schedule for Fish?

    Hey everyone, Curious on everyone's opinions on glassing schedules for smaller boards and smaller guys! I just ordered a 4'11 twin keel fish and was given the option of 4+6, 4 or 4+4,4 with them leaning more towards me going 4 4, 4 because I'm so lightweight (135lbs). A buddy recommended...
  5. Speak

    Gato Heroi Acid review?

    Anyone ride one? My current midlength quiver is a 6'10 Thick Lizzy and a 7'4 V.bowls. I'm thinking about adding a 8ish Acid to the mix. I can't find many reviews on them, but the people I have spoken to about them seem to really like them.
  6. Speak

    Mandala Oracle review?

    Hey everyone, for those of you that have or have ridden the Oracle, how'd you like it? I'm thinking about picking up a smaller Oracle with Manny's Delta V in a twin fin setup. I'm wondering if there would be too much overlap with my ASQ, Superchunk and Super Stubbie haha. My Super Stubbie is...
  7. Speak

    WTB: Long Fish, 8'0 ish

    Anyone have a Deepest Reaches long fish they wanna unload? I see them pop up from time to time on craigslist but always seem to miss out. I'm thinking the 8'0 range would work for me. Hit me up!
  8. Speak

    Flying with glass ons...

    Hey everyone, I'm sure this question has been asked a lot over the years; but hey, new technology, new ideas we're all handy! What are you all using to fly with glass on's now? Flying back home (oahu) and taking the twin keel with me. I have a good travel bag, but what should I use to keep...
  9. Speak

    Who can replicate fins?

    Hey everyone, A buddy of mine borrowed a set of fins from his friend and absolutely loves them. They are quite unique looking and he has no idea of their origins. Is there anyone who could replicate a set of unique fins like these? He reached out to True Ames and a few other fin...
  10. Speak

    Anyone try, Wegener Bluegill or other finlette boards?

    I like the look of the Wegener Bluegill. I'm looking for something fun and different. Has anyone tried one of his boards? I unfortunately surf primarily backside so I know finless will be more difficult; but I'm up for the challenge! Ride reports would be great!
  11. Speak

    WTB: 8.5 volan vbowls fin

    I have the 7.75 vbowls fin and the older 8.5 (thick foil) vbowls fin, looking to get the thin foil 8.5 vbowls fin, which I think is the only one he makes now? If you have one, let me know!
  12. Speak

    WTB: Jack Jensen AK4s

    Hey everyone, Looking for the Jack Jensen fiberglass AK4's that pop up from time to time. Shoot me a line if you have a set you would be willing to part ways with!
  13. Speak

    Wavetribe 40% off sale

    Just got an e-mail, wavetribe is doing 40% off everything. Just picked up another boardbag. The code is EARTH-DAY.
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    Bigger fin in smaller surf?

    Hey everyone, I know that smaller fins create less drag and are therefore faster. However, in smaller gutless surf, is it better to use a bigger fin with flex so that you can drive off it to create your own speed? I have trouble generating speed, especially backside on my current fin setup...
  15. Speak

    Wobbly fin, resin ok?

    Hey everyone, I have way too many fins, and they all fit differently in the box. My question is, if the fin has slight side to side wobble, but none when it's screwed down really tight, should I bother fixing it? And if so, could/should I just add regular poly resin to the sides of the base...
  16. Speak

    WTB: Larry Allison Flex fin 7

    Looking for Larry Allisons flex fin at 7". I can't seem to find anywhere that carries them in that size. Is there a way to contact him directly to order? Thanks!
  17. Speak

    Wetsuit alterations?

    Hey everyone, I can't seem to find the thread anywhere, but does anyone have the contact info for the woman who does wetsuit alterations here in socal? I think she was located in north L.A.. I want to try and add a crotch gusset to a really nice, but incredibly uncomfortable in the crotch...
  18. Speak

    Bigger fin vs. moving fin back

    Hey everyone, I've been breaking in my 5'6 2+1 mandala super stubbie and having a blast in this new swell. My problem is, on waves that are over head, the tail seems to want to slide out both backside and frontside. Right now I'm running the custom greenough side bites and 6.5" 4a that came...
  19. Speak

    Big Board to Little Board surfing tips

    Hey guys, Hope everyone has been milking this swell! I just picked up a new 5'6 2+1 stubbie which is now probably my favorite board of all time. But, I do seem to have problems on anything over head high which I know is my fault and not the boards. I've been trying to ride it similar to my...
  20. Speak

    Tip etiquette

    Hey everyone, I've always wondered this. In the past, when I ordered a custom it was always from a friend. If you're ordering from a reputable shaper, do you tip? If so, what is the standard? All opinions are appreciated, thank you!