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  1. J

    11- Hobie Encore $OLD

    DM'd you
  2. J

    Boards for sale (blow out deals)

    Please check your DM, thanks.
  3. J

    Looking for a board bag for 6'2 eggy board has free shipping over $30, day bags in that size are $45ish
  4. J

    East coast board train thread

    I'm in Montauk, can grab it and do a LIE drop off near New Hyde Park exit, but wouldn't be until 9/3 or 9/10.
  5. J

    7'4 Blair "big guy" quad *SOLD*

    Joe Blair quad $300. Shaped with XTR foam. Board has a few pressure dents and 2 quarter sized dings which have been repaired. Condition is good to very good. Fins included. 7'4 x 25 x 3 5/8 This board is in NY (Montauk, but can get it to Dutchess as well) Thank you very much.
  6. J

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Sold, thank you.
  7. J

    Fins for sale

    Dan, I just sent the money, thanks again.
  8. J

    Fins for sale

    I'll take it (11" Capt Fin) How would you like payment? PayPal? Thank you!
  9. J

    Fins for sale

    I'm interested in the 11" Capt Fin, but unable to PM you. Can you PM me please? Thank you very much.
  10. J

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    This is mine, $475 for jammers. It was one of my favorite boards, but as of late I have been surfing less and eating more so I moved on to larger boards. Located in Montauk, but can bring it to the Hudson Valley if that helps. Thanks.
  11. J

    Ireland Info Needed

    I'm heading to Ireland next week, staying in Kerry (Rossbeigh area), and was hoping to get some leads for board rentals. I've contacted a surf school near Inch, but have yet to hear back from them. If anyone knows the area and has any suggestions (board rentals or otherwise) it would be greatly...
  12. J

    Needed: Board pick up & storage from Mollusk SF

    Thank you so much for the offer. Sadly (for me) the board has sold.
  13. J

    Needed: Board pick up & storage from Mollusk SF

    Hi. I am attempting to buy a 10'4 Andreini that is for sale at Mollusk's San Francisco store. I won't be back on the west coast until Jan 9th and they won't hold the board for such a long time. It's a long shot, but is anyone from the area making a run to Mollusk (or the Ocean Beach area) in the...
  14. J

    Xiphoid Process pain?

    Check out rash guards made for spearfishing that have a loading pad. More expensive, but a possible solution.
  15. J

    Need help getting a board from Santa Cruz to SF

    PM sent. Thank you so much for the offer!
  16. J

    Need help getting a board from Santa Cruz to SF

    8'8 Serena...I hope.
  17. J

    Need help getting a board from Santa Cruz to SF

    I am looking to get a board from the Haut shop in Santa Cruz to SF (or Marin). I'm not able to get south anytime soon, figured I would take a shot and see if anyone is planning a trip north in the near future. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.
  18. J


    Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about your rib, get well soon.
  19. J


    Tico, have you had a chance to use these yet? If so, what did you think? Thanks.
  20. J

    Relocating to the PNW- Westport

    Does Dane Perlee still shape out of The Surf Shop in Westport? Could be a great resource right in your new backyard.