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  1. poidog

    Waverider Fin Gallery MIA

    Ordered a fin (Wayne Rich Power, killer) from them online on Sunday, payment via Paypal went through, radio silence. No confirmation or communication of any kind from their end, no response to emails, voicemails. Wondering if anyone can shed light on the Greta Garbo thing they have going on.
  2. poidog

    Shout out to your local surf shop

    Thought it'd be good in these existential times to give a shout out to our local surf shops, especially since we're past peak summer season. Figured this might also be a good reference point for everyone, as I've often been in new places and wondered about the best local surf shops. Mine...
  3. poidog

    Ricky Carroll 10' $600

    Custom from Ricky while rehabbing neck and shoulders. Couldn't prone paddle so had him build me a monster knee paddler. I'm back to prone paddling so this goes on the block. 10' x 24" x 4", eps/epoxy with Volan 3/4 deck patch and fin patch. RC's performance longboard with chined rails and quads...
  4. poidog

    9'10" Hobie Phil Edwards $700

    Bills to pay. 9'10" x 23 1/8" x 3 1/4". Excellent condition. Bought it last year from JM Jackfish for $750, a killer deal, hope to pass the stoke to another jammer for $700 (it's on CL for $750). Full explanation in the ad, but not sure I conveyed the build quality. I rode the piss out of it for...
  5. poidog

    JP HPNR $575

    Pretty freakin' close to new. 9'10" eps/epoxy. Not sure of the exact width and thickness, but my moderately educated guess would be 23 1/8-1/4" and 3 1/8-1/4". No dings. Not sure who did the glassing for Jim, but it's killer. I rode the piss out of it, stripped the wax this morning, pressure...
  6. poidog

    Redman Manville board: seeking info

    So as our thoughts turn to hurricane season here on the east coast my thoughts turn to a 10' Redman WRV I picked up a couple of years ago. Hung on some dude's wall since Redman shaped it for him. Triple-stringer, tailblock, considerable, continuous rocker. Never felt so much confidence in a...
  7. poidog

    9'8" Vaquero $500

    Some of you know my modus operandi. I keep a small, rotating quiver, no more than five. Buy boards, ride them, sell them. I've been doing this for 20 years now (before that it was one board per decade). My goal is to ride every surfboard that's ever been made. Take a perverse pride in never...
  8. poidog

    Color match repair on faded log

    Just scored a 20-year-old WRV log shaped by Redman Manville, burnished over the years to the type of beautiful (IMO) hue seen only in old poly, Clark foam boards. Pristine save for a slight rail snackle. Anyone know if there's a way to color match it instead of slapping on bright, obscenely...
  9. poidog

    Heated vest recommendations

    Hi kids -- curious to know if anyone has recommendations for a heated vest. Whether they work, don't work, battery issues, etc. My kidneys thank you in advance. Paul
  10. poidog

    Need advice

    Have a Skip Frye flex too snug for a fin box. Pretty close, last inch or so just won't go. Tried WD40, went on Sways, read conflicting advice on whether to sand the fin or the box. Prefer to sand the fin since sanding the box would seem to make it suitable only for that fin. So, assuming...
  11. poidog

    Happy Fourth, kids
  12. poidog

    Thickness of Nat Young's Magic Sam

    This is way in the weeds, I know, so probably doesn't deserve its own thread (would've attached it to a Magic Sam thread but couldn't find it), but since picking up Roach's former Spence Spoon I've become obsessed with the design. The Spence is 3 1/4" thick (not as thick as that might sound...
  13. poidog

    Getting the damn gloves on or off

    The pair I have are too small and I'm too cheap to buy new ones. Anyone have any advice on how to make getting them on/off easier? Dropping F bombs in an empty parking lot doesn't work.

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