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    Unhinged surfboards / Dane Peterson

    I have a step-deck Peto-Pig. Surfs great. Golden State glassed the board a bit lighter than I normally go. Rails are foiled nice and sharp / wide point aft of center. Took the board with us to Punta de Mita back in June and enjoyed surfing it at empty El Anclote with a pleasant late season west...
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    Cities to Surf and raise a family in that are somewhat affordable?

    Texas. Corpus, south padre or surfside / Galveston. Don’t tell anyone else... but it’s easy living. There is cheap land. The surf gets fun (when it’s not blown out) and when surf is blown, fishing is good.
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    Glider Fins?

    When it came to this board which was his old board - he was spot on. The board surfs so much better with more fin now (bottom is rather flat.) Im 6'2" and 190-200lbs depending on how much beer and surf are in my life.
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    Glider Fins?

    Depends on fin set up. My 12’ Pavel glider is a SingleFin and the smaller fin strategy that many espouse just wasn’t working for me. I reached out to Big Steve and he mentioned that he has been going big with fins lately so I had Brad at Sunrise build me a 12” 4A-like fin that totally changed...
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    Show us yer Glider!

    I stuck to the small fin big board deal for a while. When I got my first glider from Big Steve it was what Skip was preaching. Since then I chatted with Steve and he was opting for bigger fins. I now match the board length in inches (12’ board / 12” fin...) it seems to be working well on my...
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    12’2” Pavel Glider for sale

    Brought her back to TX with me. I wasn’t stoked to sell but wasn’t stoked to strap her to my roof for the two day haul. I’m stoked she is back here though. Now we have a his and hers glider situation with the Skipper and the Pavel.
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    12’2” Pavel Glider for sale

    This is about as inexact as possible but... edit- upon further look - I Willis guess 3.5” or over...
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    12’2” Pavel Glider for sale

    Will do my best to take a few side profile shots today.
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    12’2” Pavel Glider for sale

    I don’t know if it is 3.5” but it’s solid. Not bladed our knifey... has some volume.
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    12’2” Pavel Glider for sale

    Board no longer for sale. Bought this board from Big Steve 6 or 7 years ago. Steve had Pavel shape this a while back. If memory serves me right - board is 12’2”. Maybe ~23.25” or 23.5” wide. Don’t know thickness. I borrowed it from Steve and on my first surf at San O took a high tide wave a...
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    Nope, no testing for either of us and not enough tests down here for our demo (young and healthy.) I should have been better with explaining when I was down - I think based off my recollection that I first noticed symptoms of 2/9 or 2/10.
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    Its really only when I start my long runs. Prior to the virus - I would generally run 8-9 miles per day Monday thru Friday (remember - all those beers on Sat and Sun have calories that need to get burned at some point!). Today I went for 8.5 - but I have found that my breath hasn't been what it...
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    The best medicine for me was rest. It didn't click early on for me to start a heavy Zinc dose. Similar to a hangover - the only cure I found was time!
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    Im not wading into the political aspect of this - but will share some of my experience: We (wife and I) believe I, along with our two young kids, had COVID-19. Both kids exhibited low fevers along with dry coughs... Honestly - didn't raise any major alarms while they had it - with them going to...
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    Gordie Surfboard Shapers

    From my understanding, the letters on a Gordie stringer represent an abbreviation for the shop that placed the order and the number is either part of the invoice for that shop. EX- MJS001 would be the first board shaped from an order placed by the shop he abbreviated as MJS.
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    Davenport surfboards. Got one? Ridden one?

    I have a 10' Thing. I bought it 7 years ago. Speaking with Adam - he tells me that the shape has been refined since then - but I love the shape. He calls it a wide template pig - which I guess could be true. It certainly has wide point aft of center - but it holds a bit fuller in the nose than a...
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    Davenport surfboards. Got one? Ridden one?

    I have a Thing Model. Good buddy has a BKNR. Adam is a great guy. Gene Cooper, Lance Carson and Wayne Rich all trust him and his team with glassing. That should tell you all you need to know on his workmanship! Great guy, easy to work with, laid back and excellent shaper. Highly recommended.
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    You can always count on two things at San O. A crowd at Old Mans and Glenn at four doors or the point. Great post. He is full of stoke.
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    Good buddy of mine from OSide told me to check them out. Was down in Saladitas a few weeks ago and happened to meet one of the owners and his family while our kids played on the beach together. Really nice and friendly guy. Fully intend on stopping by the shop in a few weeks.
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    Bing Silver Spoon 9'7

    Howdy Alek. Alek is another rad Texan shredding Southern California. Someone buy his board. Alek is a stand up guy.

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