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  1. Tlri

    Good sellers list

    Small purchase but fast, painless and as promised. Thanks @heavymetalshop your on my list.
  2. Tlri

    Looking for a friend
  3. Tlri

    9.25 Greenough HS fin $90 | Los Angeles

    If interested in shipping the thruster set I’ll take them.
  4. Tlri

    What board would you use for a 'longest ride' competition?

    I second the 11’ Mitsven. Ride mine with a 6.5 and 7.5 skip and it’s got glide for days. I’ve had longer rides on my my Phillips 12 than my Mitsven but that’s been because of the swell.
  5. Tlri

    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    Not so much on crack as just clueless but funny nonetheless. a 1950’s windsurf con that’s never been waxed but apparently still got some dings along the way.
  6. Tlri

    Cape Cod (AKA Sharkville) bound in a few days - bring a board or not???

    Looks like some fun little longboard peelers in this video. Wonder why no ones out?
  7. Tlri

    SIDEWALK SURFING- discussions

    Waiting on an epoxy paint to come before I throw down the top layer of ply so it doesn’t get all wet and warp. I’ll figure it out but if anyone has advice I’ll listen. trying to figure out the coping. There is enough sag in the 2x10 framing on the top crossbeam that holds the decking just below...
  8. Tlri

    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Kids surf contest was postponed because it’s flat but we found some fun 2-3’ winds swell that was great for a couple hours of rides. Such a fun Saturday morning, a couple decent rides on the magic ham deluxe and even better watching the kids smile after their own good rides.
  9. Tlri

    SIDEWALK SURFING- discussions

    Not quite done but after a couple weeks of my kids asking I had a weekend building project with them helping.
  10. Tlri

    favorite shapers

    Jim Phillips deserves much more than the one mention I’ve seen here. Phenomenal product. He and Andrew make a great team.
  11. Tlri

    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Was able to sneak away from work and get a couple hours out in the water with my kids. Knee to thigh high peelers, 70 degree air and water, light offshore winds and new longboards for both of them made for a great morning. Haven’t had enough of those sessions watching them smile recently, made...
  12. Tlri

    Sell me your Glider

    I picked up an 11’ Mitsven last year and had the same reaction after my first time out. Board feels like a tank but is also so easy to maneuver. I went 9”4a to start and have worked my way down to a 6.5” skip. On bigger days I’ve put in a 7.5 skip. Board catches anything and with a little size...
  13. Tlri

    Boats for chasing waves..

    300 HP was the alternative to trying to sail close to the wind on that thing. Had some fun times on those trips. Days or weeks offshore, catch your dinner and an occasional surf all while living on someone else’s expensive toy and cash in hand when you get to your destination. Was a good way...
  14. Tlri

    Boats for chasing waves..

    That was a 95’ Jongert. Dutch built ketch. Comfortable but a bit of a pig as far as performance.
  15. Tlri

    Boats for chasing waves..

    Bit of a stretch but, last time I paddle off a boat for waves was when I was doing boat deliveries. Guess that makes this my wave chasing boat? Had two long boards onboard and we found swell in the Bahamas and in tortola during stops on our way down from Maine to the Caribbean.
  16. Tlri

    The Perpetual Flothru

    Fun morning with my version. Hadn’t had the Magic Ham out in a long time. Such a fun board, deserves more time in the water!
  17. Tlri

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast If anyone wants this it’s a couple blocks from me. happy to help.
  18. Tlri

    Long stinger fin recommendation

    Picked up an 11’2” boardworks aipa stinger for a friend. I probably won’t cross paths with him for a month or so and have his blessings to give it a spin if/when we get some swell down here before I pass it off to him. Board has a a long box and fcs side bite options. Looking for recommendations...
  19. Tlri

    Surfing celebrity obituary

    Great video.
  20. Tlri

    Aipa big boy stinger

    Anyone have something to add to this? A friend who’s following my lead on the big board fun is thinking about grabbing one of these big brother stingers in an 11’2”. He’s not big enough to to need this much float but is a solid surfer that can move a board around and move around on a board...

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