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  1. billypilgrim

    FS: 5’6” MB5

    I am potentially interested. Shooting you a PM
  2. billypilgrim

    Andreini Stoke

    That machine kills fascists?
  3. billypilgrim

    New members

    I just reglued the soles to the cork on mine. A little rust on the buckles, but they still have some life in 'em. Any interest? Taking bids currently and will accept cash, gold, silver, or trades for boards from the usual suspects.
  4. billypilgrim

    THC Surfboards

  5. billypilgrim

    quad fin rec?

    Tyler Warren quads go good in that kind of craft too.
  6. billypilgrim

    For Sale - 2 Takayamas (SOLD) & 1 Mayo (still available)

    Nice Mayo. He makes some of the best boards!
  7. billypilgrim

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal) Not cheap (a cool G). But you've gotta love a pink board.
  8. billypilgrim

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    pretty sure that was for sale in the 400-500 range a few weeks back.
  9. billypilgrim

    Good sellers list

    Shout out to these members for being cool people and helping me get ahold of surf stuff I am interested in. @Couch @DJR @dtorrent @Patrick Riley @mitch44 (Thanks for that Orange Bonzer Egg I picked up from you via the surfermag forum)
  10. billypilgrim

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Gems from SW Florida. 9ft Mabile Twinzer 7'11" Mayo
  11. billypilgrim

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast Tad big for me, but could be a nice pickup for someone in need of a fish.
  12. billypilgrim

    Who's riding edge rails?

    Not sure. I bought mine off Craigslist. You might be able to get one direct or from a place like mollusk.
  13. billypilgrim

    Who's riding edge rails?

    I've tried the allison liddle flex, high speed, PG nail fin and powerblade. I thought the powerblade was by far the best for the board, but also really liked the nail fin. Could be a good cheaper alternative until you are able to come up on a powerblade.
  14. billypilgrim

    Advice on how not to slide out on a hullish board?

    The 4a could go good, especially if you need some hold off the bottom. On a hullier board with thin rails, I find that the 4a has too much base though. But then again, I am surfing east coast beach break. A lot of people seem to like the velzy classic fin on round/v bottom boards, 4a on the...
  15. billypilgrim

    Advice on how not to slide out on a hullish board?

    It sounds like you’re taking the right approach, but a change of fin might be helpful. If your board has a Hully bottom and rail profile I would go with something deeper, especially in beach break scenarios.
  16. billypilgrim

    Greenough Power Blade

    Anderson APE. It’s one based on the liddle m3p outline. Nice and elliptical.
  17. billypilgrim

    Greenough Power Blade

    I've been riding the 8.2 in a 6'3". Goes great!

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