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  1. kpd73

    1967/68 - 9'8 Hansen Super Light

    I am listing this for my friend- and local RI legend - (some may recognize him in the pics) 9'8 x 23 x 3 - 67/68 Hansen Super Light in 8.5 out of 10 condition. This board is in pretty unreal condition for its age and would be closer to 9 out of 10 condition minus the one open ding. Beautiful...
  2. kpd73

    Seeking good wave Bonzer in the NorthEast

    Something in the 6'6-7'ish area? I really could use a bit of jamboards magic at this juncture in the Journey and a board that would help me honor someone I lost. Thanks all.
  3. kpd73

  4. kpd73

    Spoken For! Free- Doug Haut Superlight single fin- in RI

    Rather see this go to someone here with ding repair skills 6'6 ish Doug Haut Superlight Buy my bonzer and score this too!
  5. kpd73

    SOLD- 7'6 Campbell Brothers bonzer vehicle- $650- Trades considered

    Dims are 7'6 x 21 1/2 x 2 7/8 - super foiled out to the rail - baby swallowtail 101 Bamboo runners BRAND NEW 6.5" TA bonzer fin Little Peter St Pierre airbrush on bottom with some killer egyptian looking rice paper inlay on deck and bottom. Tail repair and cosmetic glass crack on bottom sealed...
  6. kpd73

    Anyone got a 5'6 or 5'10 Octafish in South Florida?

    Promised a good dude down there I would try my best and find him one. This place does have the magic! Thanks
  7. kpd73


    Pretty rad
  8. kpd73

    Amtrak? No. Greyhound? Maybe... Shipping East Coast question

    Miami to New England for a 6'0 board. Amtrak freight won't be back online till post summer- minimal. Spoke with a highly helpful lady who explained to me that the cancellation of many trains, and lack of employees has just crushed this facet of their business. Greyhound looks spotty as not all...
  9. kpd73

    6.5-7.0 Bonzer fin needed in RI!

    Got bonzer. No fin. Swell tomorrow perfect for practice run. Anyone in RI- Aquidneck Island would be Killer- have a bonzer center fin I could buy off them? Thanks Keith 401-479-4622
  10. kpd73

    Seeking Mini Simmons bag East Coast

    Board in question is 5'6 x 22.5 x 3 Big ole square tail... White or reflective would be rad. Board will spend more time out of it then in it, but getting ready for some bicycling trips and it will be with. Favorite $%&in board and need to keep safe. Thanks!
  11. kpd73

    Bicycle trailer for Longboard/Surfboard...?

    Every year I usually buy an old kids trailer and gut it, but was wondering if anyone has anything kicking around for sale, or thoughtful suggestions/recommends? Thanks! Looking for a trailer that would ideally seat post hitch and handle a longboard with possibly another on top. I say thee nay...
  12. kpd73

    Med Hardtail MTB - 27.5 - Wanted in RI

    Surf related cause it keeps me surf fit, saves the environment, and used very often to transport boards and cracker to Ocean. Seeing if anyone has a medium frame 27.5 possibly 29 hardtail for sale in the $500-700 range. Been getting skunked all over the place on bikes, even almost ripped off...
  13. kpd73

    WTB- Wayne Rich Power fin 7"

    Before I shop new, was looking to see if anyone here wants to make a fast buck on one they are not using. Located in RI if you could ship. Thanks!
  14. kpd73

    FCS 1 twinzer fins- for mini simmons - who got the goods or good suggestions!

    Looking for a set of fcs1 twinzer fins. Used, not whipped, color ain't important. Looking for good suggestions too. Wide ass square tail, deep single concave out the back. Those plugs are pretty damn close... a single canard up front and the right twin behind, the overlap should be good. Thanks!
  15. kpd73

    WTB Flying Diamonds Revival fin

    Anyone ditching a 9.5" ? going to run it in a Takayama Tommy Witt I am in RI. Wildly appreciated. kpd
  16. kpd73

    NY to New England Easter plans...?

    Looking to snag a 6'6 single out there and guy wants ca$h. Can anyone assist with a quick Paypal and grab? Thanks!
  17. kpd73

    6'6 x 21.5 x 2.8 Maurice Cole Shiva- $300 w/fins

    In RI Super versatile board - 44.4L volume. 4 Futures boxes- single fin center box- Really killer outline and planshape to run as a single fin, quad, thruster, or 2+1 widowmaker style. roundpin tail and deep single concave with hard edges- Maurice signature- Maurice on the Shiva-...
  18. kpd73

    BONZER! for Sale! 5'8 Campbell Brothers MBLV - East coast- $700- fin and bag!

    5'8 x 21 1/4 x 2 5/8 Campbell Brothers MBLV 3 fin galactic speed machine 8.5 out of 10 condition - minor glass snackles and some deck pressures. Insanely beautiful board. Studio 609 glassed, coke bottle green resin tint with dark mint green pinline, red 6" True Ames bonzer fin, and white...
  19. kpd73

    Campbell Brothers Light Vehicle

    Anyone have one of these they can speak about? Not the mini light vehicle, but the full on mid 6 to 7ft's model. And also not a Russ Short with LV bottom. I really dig the outline tremendously and would love to hear about it. Thanks- For reference- Duncan on a 6'9 Couple/few modernized 6ft's
  20. kpd73

    Nose-Rider @ Nias

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