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    Big Fins and Tail Rocker

    Ah "Fat Foil" - I've got quite a few fins where the foil is fatter than the box but I don't remember having that problem - memory might not be so good, but I could see how that could happen. It could be a box issue if the channel the pin goes down into and thru the box was too low...(or the...
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    Big Fins and Tail Rocker

    I didn't sound like it was hitting the bottom of the box to me either. Sometimes they do, if the pin isn't in the right spot; then, you can file (or sand) the bottom of the base. But it sounds like you solved it by taking material off of the sides. I'd rather have a fin be too tight than too...
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    Ah...maybe he's setting up to do a Non-fungible token (NFT) on one of one of his boards, but I think he was late on the take off on that one.
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    I don't know - so many people have gone up and over the falls with bitcoin, etc. Cresting is great but the drop - whoa! - is so tumultuous.
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    Surfboard Wax: Love It Or Hate It

    My experience with versa traction about 10 years ago is that it is slippery if you get sunscreen on it. Maybe it is different now.
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    Dodge minivan rental and longboards

    My old 2005 Honda Odyssey and my newer 2008 Honda Odyssey could both take a 10'6" (barely) right down the middle. They have center consoles that folds down and the 3 row seats fold under the floor, and the second row seats slide apart. The 2010 and 2009 are the same as the 2008. Not sure on...
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    Wavestorm hydrofoil boards

    Will there be Gerry Lopez model?
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    Are grey surfboards shark bait?

    Wouldn't want to be on a yellow bottomed board on the outside of the kelp paddy.
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    The Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic...Thoughts?

    Tried to watch it twice. The load of advertising was just too much. Had to turn it off. Bummer.
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    Vintage! Greg Noll's personal boardshorts! $1700

    Are these still available? :D
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    So, for those who knew, or did not know, , , , , ,

    Cowabunga! That is awesome!
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    WTB Rainbow A-Line fin (10")

    Hey Shady, Yeah the Tyler 777 is close, and I may get that if I can't get an A-Line. I already have a Justin Quintal Straight Back (that is fun) that is similar but I think closer to the Tyler than the A-line. I'm hoping to get the one that is more different. I guess they didn't sell a lot of them.
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    WTB Rainbow A-Line fin (10")

    I'm trying to get a Rainbow A-Line Fin but don't see any for sale. I called Rainbow - they don't make them any more. Any ideas?
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    help picking a new surf vehic

    I've had a few Honda Odysseys - they can take a 10'6" right down the middle with use of 4 seats. How is does the 12' glider fit inside the Sienna?
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    Virus Alert

    Hmmm...come to think of it...three are a couple of board porn threads.
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    Virus Alert

    Searching on: "Virus Alert: Backdoor Virus Detected on your Computer! Please do Not Shut down or reset your computer." indicates it is a variant of the Zeus virus.
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    Virus Alert

    Nope - never get it. Who is that message from? What company or which software? When I search on the phone number, not much comes up.
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    Your favorite surf shop?

    Frog House - great people!
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    Getting the adhesive from a traction pad off

    Try WD 40, if you are down to the gum.
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    Missed the forum software. I remember the first software in the 90's, lots of piling on back then.

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