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  1. KDenning

    (4) 20’ Trex Outdoor Decking Boards

    I’ve got four 20’ pieces of Trex outdoor decking left over from my last van build (client didn’t like this color on the van so we went with a different brand). Posting here with the thought that someone might want to make a shower platform for post-surf rinse downs or if someone has an outdoor...
  2. KDenning

    Modified Hitachi P 20ST Planer

    This was a gift when we moved to Ventura. I shaped one board and started building vans shortly afterwards. Now I build vans for a living and the lop sided log I shaped has been cut in half and reshaped by a stoked grom. You can read more about the planer and it’s modifications to cut foam...
  3. KDenning

    SOUL’D 9.0” Greenough 4A $40 + Shipping (Ventura)

    It is purple and it has burns/scuffs. I ship through my independeny owned and operated shipping store so you can expect shipping may be $1 to $4 more than the UPS equivalent. Pierpont residents that know Coastal Postal know why that’s a business worth preserving. $40 for the fin. When it ships...
  4. KDenning

    FS: 7’10 Trimcraft Haley Pin w/ Glass on $850 (Ventura)

    I bought this as one part of a two board quiver for an extended Baja trip this summer but between then and now we bought a house and the Baja trip has been cut to 5 days. The board has one repaired ding on the tail roughly 1 inch by 1 inch and water tight. Otherwise the board is in 95% like new...
  5. KDenning

    Board Train: Laguna Beach to Ventura and/or Temporary Board Storage

    I'm in the process of buying @NateB 's 10' Kris Hall Jazz Pin but unfortunately I'm unable to make the drive from Ventura to Laguna Beach to pick it up for the next 2 - 3 weeks - I've got a heavy self-imposed work deadline and surfing isn't even in the picture much less making the drive down...
  6. KDenning

    Moving to NorCal (from Ventura) - Looking for Santa Cruz Info

    We've been renting in Ventura for four years but last Monday my fiance said we needed to go look at a home outside of the Lake Tahoe basin so we packed up the car, drove 6.5 hours north, toured the home, and we were back in Ventura with an offer in on the house by 11:30 a.m. the next day. Part...
  7. KDenning

    TCSS Board Shorts ($60) (Ventura)

    My fiancé was down in LA last week and got me these board shorts for this summer and they’re too small on me - I am 6’1 and 180lbs. They’ve never been wet or washed or worn for longer than a minute.
  8. KDenning

    Board Train - Laguna Niguel to Ventura

    Anyone able to get a board from Laguna Niguel to Ventura? Happy to compensate for gas and time. I’ve been looking for this board for quite a while but unfortunately two unfinished van builds in the driveway need to get done by June 30th and that means no trips unless it’s for build supplies!
  9. KDenning

    FS: 8’6 Mandala Clandestino (Ventucky) ($990)

    After being a one board quiver for almost three years, I’m moving on to my next thrill and letting this one enter the universe. Here’s the deal. The board needs two repairs. Pictures forthcoming. I’ll be taking the board to get the repairs this week but wanted to give anyone a shot on here that...
  10. KDenning

    FS/T: 7’0 Crime Stubby $500( Ventura)

    Purchased for $774 after tax from Mollusk, SB. Surfed twice. It’s as close to new as possible with the exception of dirty wax transfer from another board in the shed. Open to trades for 9’6 + (pin tail) nose rider while I continue my search for a T Witt that I *know* is out there somewhere...
  11. KDenning

    WTB 9’6 Tommy Witt (Ventura)

    I’m not sure where @kpd73 ended with his T Witt search and don’t want to step on his toes but I’m hoping to only bring one board to Baja this summer and I’m thinking this is it! I called Ricky back in Florida where I used to get quite a few boards shaped and he’s 3 months out from production...
  12. KDenning

    Ensenada July 1 - 10

    Some of you may have caught my Baja thread earlier this year. Slight change of plans and now we've got a house booked for a little over a week in Ensenada beginning July 1st and will likely be heading south afterwards for another couple of weeks. We've got a copy of the surfer's guide but the...
  13. KDenning

    SOLD (Ventura): 7'0 Hayden Shapes Loot Soft Series "Glider" $325

    7'0 x 22.5 x 3.75 (58L) surfed twice, in 100% like new condition - (new) leash and fin included. So it's my four year anniversary with my fiance and now that restaurants and bars have outdoor seating again, we drove up to Santa Barbara for the night. After a glass of wine at Satelite, beer and...
  14. KDenning

    Best Summer Surf in Northern Baja for a Month?

    LONG story short we've got the month of July to kill with no work and no rent in Ventura. We were thinking of renting a house down in Encinitas but then my fiance asked if it would be worth looking in to renting in Baja. We longboard together and enjoy mellow points but we're both goofy so a...
  15. KDenning

    Eternal Life 7’10 Twin Pin

    Reluctantly creating this as a for sale thread of sorts as opposed to a ride review. I worked with Logan at Eternal Life in Encinitas for weeks to come up with a board that would be a great all around big twin pin for Southern California. Logan and I spent even more time throwing around design...
  16. KDenning

    Board Train - Encinitas to Ventura

    Logan at Eternal Life let me know my custom 7’10 twin pin is all done and ready for me to pick up. I’ll be stoked to go down and make a trip out of it with my fiancé but wanted to see if anyone would be making the drive soon before I made any plans. Happy to cover your gas expenses from...
  17. KDenning

    WTB: Haley Pin or Thick Lizzy

    Who doesn't, right? Located in Ventura, happy to drive up to Santa Barbara or maybe even Los Angeles. 7'6 - 7'10 range would just be super.
  18. KDenning

    (SOLD) Carver Surf Skate $125 OBO (Ventura)

    I thought I’d post this here before Craigslist. I don’t have specifics for this board but it is the same board in the link below - with the exception of last year’s graphic. 2 or 3 inches of the grip tape on the far right panel are bubbling but it is in otherwise good but used condition...
  19. KDenning

    Board Train SF (Sunset) to Ventura

    Long shot on a board that will probably sell quickly off of CL but will anyone be coming down from SF to Ventura/Santa Barbara anytime soon with room for a 6’0 fish? If anyone in that area has a shop they’ve shipped boards from before that might be able to help could also be considered...
  20. KDenning

    [SOLD] Greenough 4a (7.5” & 9.75”) (Ventura)

    I have two George Greenough 4a fins that aren’t seeing any use. The black fin is a 9.75” and the red fin is a 7.5” Both fins are in used condition. Please see the pictures below for condition of fins. 7.5” for $33 9.75” for $39* Prices reflect 50% off of new fin prices respectively as fins...

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