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    WTB frye fish

    How far from pin to pin?
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Ugh. I hope this guy is giving his proceeds back to Skip. Wtf. And now people wonder why Skip doesn’t want to shape for random people he doesn’t know.
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    Like New 9'8" Bing Levitator

    Ms. Lucy fin? By Jim Phillips?
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Cooperfish Device (not mine):
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    Slacklining and Surfing

    This should be a disclaimer on my slackening: I don't have a *real* slackline set up at home (i.e., between two trees, Camp 4 style). I've got a backyard slackfline about 12 to 15 feet long between two anchors... I've found it to be relatively easy, but I'm not getting the big swing & movement...
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    Yucca ultra soft fins - pistachio color - size ML - SOLD

    These fins are still available! Bump for post July 4 summer fun.
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    body surfing fins?

    I wanted to love the Yucca’s but I’m between sizes. Da Fins are the bomb. Comfort first.
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    edit: foudn in SD - 6'8 - 7' travel bag (preferably for 2 boards)

    I’ve got a 7’0” Destination Surf Expedition Series coffin. No wheels. Pads for three boards. Real length is about 7’3”. Straps & whatnot are included. Here’s the website: It’s in good condition: It’s been on two trips & has been in storage since. Let me know...
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    Advice Needed: Gephart Slant Back Keels vs Futures Boxes - Long Fish

    Yep! These are the fins out of the box of goldfish crackers!
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    Advice Needed: Gephart Slant Back Keels vs Futures Boxes - Long Fish

    Edit to my earlier post about slant backs: I scrolled up (duh!) and saw the pic of the G3’s. Those look a lot like the fins in the story I just posted. Here’s an image of the fins from that tale:
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    Advice Needed: Gephart Slant Back Keels vs Futures Boxes - Long Fish

    Got a pic of those G3’s? I’m definitely interested to see them! Not sure if you can tell, but I’m kind of obsessed with fishes. Unrelated but hopefully interesting: several years ago I was lucky enough to have a long talk w Skip about fins for long fishes—9” base vs 8” base, straight back vs...
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    (4) 20’ Trex Outdoor Decking Boards

    I was wondering about heat. I’ve got a trex deck at home and it is awesome… except that it gets super hot in direct sun. And I’ve got some left over boards so now I’m tempted to make something for my truck…
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    Greg Noll Passing

    I’ve been skimming through pics of Greg Noll this afternoon. In every pic where you can see his face, he’s laughing or smiling; in the others, there’s killer waves & beautiful boards. That’s gotta say something about a life well lived.
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    Advice Needed: Gephart Slant Back Keels vs Futures Boxes - Long Fish

    I’m guessing your thruster from Josh is a Fish Simmons. That’s a different beast than a Long Fish. …Lost and a million others caused confusion by messing with the fish design. But here on Jamboards I’ve seen quite a lot of boards called “Long Fish” that are clearly *not* what Skip, Bob, Josh...
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    Advice Needed: Gephart Slant Back Keels vs Futures Boxes - Long Fish

    Can’tDecide, who is your shaper? For a Long Fish, I’d go “sway back” 50/50 marine ply keels set up in the traditional way! Edit: these are likely the G3 or similar template. To be fair, there are probably more LongFish made in the past several years with fins from Rick Clow than anyone else...
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    Reference - Nozzle vs Fish Simmons

    I definitely don't want to derail the thread... Here's my understanding of the timeline. This all is from one-on-one conversations w Skip: The Long Fish came first. These were Lis-style fishes but usually about a foot or so longer than a standard San Diego fish, and with 12" tailblocks. There...
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    Reference - Nozzle vs Fish Simmons

    I’m looking forward to the ride report on the Nozzle! From what I understand the original Nozzle template is basically a stretched out Derek Hynd Fish. Makes sense if the the tail block is 11”.
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    Slacklining and Surfing

    I’ve tried slack lining several times and I can see the related skills. That being said, surfing is about understanding & moving with water. I think that the part that non-surfers think of as “surfing”—standing balanced on the board & moving forward—is easy enough for almost anyone. On a...
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    It has historical value. Skip was on the 1967 trip to Aus when these boards were cutting edge and no American had seen them . He was then the first US shaper to make one back home. In the words of Indiana Jones, it belongs in a museum! :p:D:p If that’s your thing, and you don’t mind the color...

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