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  1. Gulfzer5

    Is there a non-annoying leash out there?

    I can vouch for the XM Tangle Free. I've been using them for a few years and never have issues with them. They work as stated and haven't noticed any sort of drag. All it is, is a very light plastic coated washer that is just enough to keep the leash always trailing behind. Also, as others have...
  2. Gulfzer5

    Chunky 6'ish boards like mini simmons etc... thoughts?

    I've been having a Von Sol Flying Manta for about 5 years. 5'8" x 22 x 2 3/4. It changed everything for me. At 50 years old when I have it out in chest high conditions, I feel like I'm in a skate park in my prime.
  3. Gulfzer5

    New Mitsven Long Fish

    Man that board looks fun!!! I’m stoked for you and I don’t even know you…lol. Love the glass on fin choice too.
  4. Gulfzer5

    **SOLD**FS or Trade: 9" True Ames Squirrel Cutaway Fin

    Thanks….I’ll drop it off at the post office this afternoon after I get off work. I’ll send it priority and send the tracking as soon as I do it.
  5. Gulfzer5

    **SOLD**FS or Trade: 9" True Ames Squirrel Cutaway Fin

    Would trade for side bites around 3.5" or 7" center fin. Something for a 2+1 Mid Length. This fin is in very good condition. Just don't have something to use it in and I don't like to hoard equipment I'm not using. Or $50 shipped.
  6. Gulfzer5

    FS: FINS 9"FlyingDiamonds Revival SOLD & 9"TrueAmes Squirrel Cutaway

    Price drop on the TA Cutaway.....$50 incudes shipping.
  7. Gulfzer5

    2+1 Fins for Mid Length Egg

    I'm thinking of going with slight belly to flat to vee through the fins then flat right behind the fins. Medium rails maybe a little less.
  8. Gulfzer5

    2+1 Fins for Mid Length Egg

    Yeah, I think I'm going to just get a set of side bites and pair them up with my 6.5" or 7" Bonzer fin that I already have and see how that goes. The Devon H center fin looks almost the same as a Bonzer fin so if I do get anything, I may try the Wayne Rich. Thanks for y'all input.
  9. Gulfzer5

    Rich Harbour RIP

    A buddy of mine picked up a Harbour LB for a dime 2 months ago from someone who really didn't know what he had. He sent me some pics and told me he was thinking about using it as a rental. I said "ARE YOU CRAZY, that's a Harbour!!!". "He's one of the most iconic board builders on the west coast...
  10. Gulfzer5

    2+1 Fins for Mid Length Egg

    I have a 2+1 7'6 Egg being shaped right now and looking for input on fins. I'm looking at the Takayama / Devon Howard set( 6.5" center and 3.5" sides). Has anyone tried this set that can speak for? I already have a 6.5" and 7" Bonzer fins and also looking at the Flying Diamonds CJ Skylimit sides...
  11. Gulfzer5

    FS: FINS 9"FlyingDiamonds Revival SOLD & 9"TrueAmes Squirrel Cutaway

    9" Flying Diamonds Corey Cola Revival. Amber color. This fin is no longer available on their website. It's brand new, I never got the board I was intending to put it in. $75 includes shipping. 9" True Ames Squirrel Cutaway. Smoke color. Used about 5x and has a little sand burn on leading edge...
  12. Gulfzer5

    WTB Bing Collector 7'6

    Thanks man! I'll check with her and see what she says.
  13. Gulfzer5

    WTB Bing Collector 7'6

    I saw that too. They are not shipping at this time so it's a no go.
  14. Gulfzer5

    WTB Bing Collector 7'6

    Used or new. Also, If you know a shop that's holding please let me know.
  15. Gulfzer5

    FS: 7’10 Trimcraft Haley Pin w/ Glass on $850 (Ventura)

    Dang! Wrong coast. Is this thing bonzered out or is it just the runners? I'm curious, can't see the concaves in the pics.
  16. Gulfzer5

    Cj Nelson Boards.

    I too have bought and have many customs and don't have a problem buying a Thunderbolt. To the pop out you not have a problem with the device you are using to be on this forum with? Don't be a hypocrite unless you can prove to yourself that everything you own is local. Now back to...

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